Some Useful Websites – Search Recipes by Ingredients – Write Notes to someone that will destroy itself once he reads it. – Solve any kind of math equation online – Feeling alone at home, Get free murmur sounds

Firefox send – Send files up to 1 GB to your friend which gets deleted once he downloads it. – Convert youtube videos to GIF

Deadmansswitch – Send emails when you are dead

Live radio from Map – Just Put your finger on green dots indicating places to hear the FM radio of that place. – Snapchat for File sharing

Snapdrop – Send Files on devices connected on same network

PopCornTime – Watch Free Movie and TV Shows instantly

Smallpdf – For all your PDF needs you can imagine

PrintFriendly – Print any web page in a print friendly format – Just open the website and you will be logged out of all accounts instantly – Install all Required software at Once

Install and update all selected useful programs at once on your PC. – Copy paste special character – Learn new languages for free and in an Interesting way – Schedule yourself a reminder on your Phone – Write yourself a Future email – Discover a new way of reading

Just go to this website and drag the link given to the browser. Now whenever you go to a website just click on that bookmark. You have just discovered a new way of reading. – Choose which software you should remove from Your PC – Find out Older version of Any Software – Print exactly what you Like in a Page – Find free things in your town which people are willing to give away – Computational Search for your Keywords – Just plain sounds to help you sleep

You can also set Sleep timer to stop it after you sleep. – Price Drop Alert for Big e-Commerce websites

Record your message – Record your Message as You Type it. – Periodic Table Made Easy – Free login id and password for every website – Just draw and mark on Google maps and share them – Send Video emails – Find Rhyme for any word ! Cool tool for poets – Send large Files up to 2 GB for free – Schedule your friend or son a wake up call – find out which URL is behind any short url

MIT App Inventor – Build Apps without any coding Knowledge

qClock – Find Local time of a place

PdfEditor – Edit PDF online – Cool timer for major events like birthdays, new year or anything important

Free Rice – Donate rice while improving vocabulary

Wikipedia Nearby – Wikipedia articles based on Your Location, Good for travelers. – Delete text from images – Simultaneously search username availability at all websites

MailDrop – Quick disposable email address to let you sign up at not so useful websites

pixlr– Photoshop Your images Online – Collection of direct links to delete your profile at websites

Bored Button – Feeling Bored, click the red button to get a Random thing every time on the website – Find out When you should go to bed for sleeping – Find out whether your email is leaked in past hack attacks – Use Microsoft Paint like software online – Read Magazines for free – Find eBay items with typing errors and thus low bid – Automatically applies best coupons when you check out of any shopping website – Find Outfits and fashion same as worn by stars on TV shows – Find Hotels and rank them according to wi-fi speed. Good for Internet loving travelers.

Coursera – Free Online Courses

Codecademy – Learn Coding for free – Find cheapest flights in nearest date range – Live Flight Tracker – Phone notification on your desktop

Corrupt-a-file – Missing deadline ? now corrupt the file from this website and send to your boss or teacher. – find out your eating location mingled with the F word – A Heaven for documentary lovers

Archive movies – Watch Free Films and documentaries – Paste any text instantly – Decompress files online for various formats – Scan Files Before installing. For suspicious files – Create live audio broadcast -Quick and Effective minutes of a meeting – Watch youtube in a TV mode – Make Cool videos by just dragging pics, videos etc. with pre-made themes available – Find meanings of slang and Modern used words – Draw Useful Diagrams online and save to your PC – Track your Shipment on Google Maps – Create and save Vector Graphics Online – Random Chat With Strangers Anonymously – Easily share and send files with your friend – Send Free Fax Online – Remember the name of the song

Google Translate – Translate anything – Create Paintings Online – Planning an event like wedding, Tour or Meetup, Find out which date works best for all. – Create Melodious Music Online in Browser – Record Your desktop and share to Youtube – Cool site for Designing your Home in 3D – Access website using Tor Without using Tor on your computer. – Download Free e Books –  Download Videos, Podcast, Music from almost any URL for offline use – Check Grammar and spellings

BugMeNot – Public directory for user id and passwords from sites – Edit documents in real-time in Group – Download from over 45,000 free ebooks

Memrise – Learn to Memorize things

Hemingwayapp – Write Better with this app.

Libreoffice – Free ms office alternative – Get Notified when someone Read Your sent mails.

Live Radio – Listen to Worldwide Shortwave Radio Broadcast

WebCam Toy – Fun effects with your webcam

PixaBay – Copy Right Free Images for you – Coupons for Medicines – a search engine that does not track you

Printablepaper – A catalog of Printable Papers You need every time

Paperrater – Proof read your essay or article. cool tool for students

Kiddle – Safe search engine for kids only by Google


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