Turn your phone into WiFi HotSpot

  In this days use of Wi-Fi enabled smart phone is becoming very common..This smart phone also have 3G connectivity which support very high speed data transfer and internet connectivity, we create internet connectivity through mobile using cable or Bluetooth connection.

  This technologies can give speed upto the 460 Kbps..even we connected to the 3G network..hence the option is to use Wi-Fi connectivity to fully utilize 3G network bandwidth. At minimum Wi-Fi suppory 11Mbps which is sufficient to utilize our 3G HSDPA connection.

 As we found solution, 1 question is arrived..." We need a smart application on smartphone to manage Wi-Fi connection smartly"

    Here is JoikuSpot Virtual Hotspot application

Turn your phone into WiFi HotSpot
Compatible with most any Nokia smartphone
  • Secure your WiFi HotSpot from unwanted users
  • Connect as many WiFi devices as you like to internet via your HotSpot
  • Use full internet, intranet and email via your HotSpot
  • Save money by replacing USB modems and extra data subscriptions with phone WiFi HotSpot, and enjoy the phone 3G for high speed internet
  • JoikuSpot simply works and is easy to use. Millions of users already JoikuSpotting
 JoikuSpot is available in two versions
     1. Premium
     2. Free Version

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