Air flight Simulator or Combat based Games

When i was child ,whenever i see at fighter planes like MIG, Miraj,Sukhoi etc. i have great excitation about it...because being a fighter pilot was one of my dream ,i always wanted to be in fighter plane, but after i entered in the field of engineering i never thought again to fly with planes.

     But, as i am the student of Computer Engineering i know that i can make my lost dream not fully but little bit in reality because the Artificial Simulation is possible. And there are lots of people like me who wanted to be air born... so from last few weeks i am searching for games fits in these criteria are as follows.

1] Microsoft Flight Simulator
            Popular flight simulation system from Microsoft Inc. Limited demo version is also available. Player can take different looks of plane while playing.Microsoft Simulator X is the fighter plane simulation software. Since many years Microsoft is busy to give realistic experience to users.
2] Proflight Simulator

    Proflight simulator is paid game which contains 120+  types of planes and scenario objects. You can learn and take off with jet planes land plane on any airport…controls in this game is like real life objects and system included in airplane like GPS, Fule system, auto pilot etc. F14b Tomcat is my favorite fighter jet.

3] Google Earth Flight Simulator
            Its awesome experience of flying, environmental scenario is real satellite images. We feel like we are conducting world tour from transparent airbus. I suggest to enjoy this great experience at least once in life.

Air combat (Air fight) Simulation Games

1] Lock On
2] Aeron (Beta Version)
3] Forgotten Battles
4] World War 2 dogfights
5] Aerial simulator
6] Microsoft Combat Flight Simulator 3
7] Falcon 4.0.
8] Pacific Theatre.
9] Crimson Skies.
10] Enemy Engagement
11] Flanker 2.0.

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