Unlocking Idea Netsetter E1732

Follow the steps:

1] Download this file [Download]

2] Disable your antivirus and Remove Idea card from modem and insert another company SIM card.
3] Find out modem port no.
                Device Manager->Ports (COM&LPT)
HUAWEI Mobile Connect – 3G Application Interface (COM[X]) ...X is port no.

Find Port Number (Here COM9)

4] Extract downloaded Modem Unlock Tools.zip

5] Run ‘CDMA Workshop.exe’
  In Main tab
  • Set your port no under COM Setting.
  • Click on ‘Connect’

6] Click on Security Tab
  • Under SPC, enter ‘000000’ in empty box.
  • Click on SPC and then Send

7] Click on Memory Tab
  • Under ‘NV Items’  click on Read
  •  Click on Ok when confirmation box appears

  • Now enter ‘9999’ in Last NV Item box
  • Click Ok
  • Save File as ‘Unlock ‘ on desktop, and wait till the progress bar reaches to 100%

    8] Now open ‘E1732 Downgrader.exe’ file and minimize ‘CDMA Workshop’
    • Click on Next
    • ‘Update Failure’ message will appear don’t worry about this
    • Click on Finish.

    Just Click on Ok

    9] Now move to 'CDMA Workshop' window
    • Under Main Tab click on Disconnect. 
    • Unplug your modem
    • Again Plugin modem
    •  Again find Port no.

      10] In Main Tab under COM setting
      • Set port no
      • Click on Connect

      11] Go to Memory tab
      • Under NV Items, Click on Write
      • Click on Ok when confirmation box appears
      • Choose ‘Unlock’ file from desktop that previously saved.
      • Click on Ok and wait till progress bar reaches to 100%.
      •  Click on Ok

        12] Go to the Main Tab and click on Disconnect.

        13] Close ‘CDMA Workshop’ when confirmation dialog box appears Click on ‘No’

        Now, you can use any SIM card in your modem !!

        BSNL Internet Connection after Unlocking.

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        1. Great Work Bro..!!
          I was searching for months for a good unlocking method and i found this...
          Cheers :-)

        2. Is there any process for Eg162g???

        3. my idea net setter is now not able to detect any signal after all this kindly help me what to do now

        4. my idea net setter is now not able to detect any signal after all this kindly help me what to do now

        5. my netsetter detects only bsnl sim cards..plz help me

        6. Thanx re,
          really nice .
          & thanx for posting 100% working .
          I unlocked my idea netsetter E1732 modem . . !

        7. i just unlocked my idea e1732,now it wont detects any of networks....please help me.

        8. my modem doesnt detect signal wat to do ?

        9. if any have problem with signal then repeat the process write nv items again . then modem able to detect signal.

          still u have problem contact me at lavarajaraja@gmail.com
          i can help u.....

        10. my idea net setter is now not able to detect any signal after all this kindly help me what to do now

        11. same here i done all this and it worked then it all gone no device name showing

        12. Try to do step 11 again, rewrite NV Item file to modem..

        13. friends i have faced the problem that my modem is not able detect any net work signal. i tried and finally got a solution for this. if your modem is not working after unlocking see the solution here www.lavaraja.blogspot.com .

        14. Thank you very much.....i unlocked and its working.

        15. will it work for any sim after unlocking or only for bsnl.... and my doubt is as we are doing for cdma will gsm sim works in it??? sorry if this is a small doubt but pls kindly answer me this question... thanks in advance

        16. its not working, the error is phone does not answer, i removed and connected my modem many time still stuck here, can any 1 with this error............pls help me

        17. Thanks Sir i was unlock my idea netsetter but after that sim detect with signal but not name of sim appear in box pl z help me

        18. You need to make manual entry in
          "C:\Program Files\Idea Net Setter\plugins\StatusBarMgrPlugin\OperatorList.xml" file

          1. find <Region descr="India"> tag
          2. create your new tag as
          <Item mcc="404" mnc="04" shortdescr="IDEA" fulldescr="IDEA"/>"
          3. replace 404 with your network no and change idea name to your own. sava it.

        19. hi frnds plz help me, i unlocked my idea netsetter through mobileshop, now insert in to aircel sim its work but insert into airtel, docomo it will give amessage " a connection to remote computer could not be established, so d port used for this connection was closed. "

        20. woowwww wonder thanks dear god belss you

        21. brother How to Unlock Idea net setter E303D

          pls help me dude.............

        22. Thank you soooo much bro....very nice uploading..thanx again..

        23. Thank you soo much , its perfectly detecting any networks. However I am not able to create profile in idea netsetter application for networks other than idea (default)

        24. hello I Do All Thing U Posted In Your Blog And All ready Many Time Reapet step 11 but no network detect What I Do ..?

        25. i have unlocked ma data card, bt whenever i'm connecting the data card, first it shows only specified sim/usim is detected and tere is no signa, i'm not able to connect it internet. wat should i do now?

        26. This comment has been removed by the author.

        27. the workshop have a only com 25 only but my com 36 what i did

          1. Uninstall your previous com.. from device manager. if fails create another user and try in it.

        28. Hi, i tried to unlock my idea netsetter E1732 as per given method, but after that signal not detected in my modem, please help what i'll do.


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