Unlock Huawei Idea 3G Net Setter (E1732) 3g modem

Follow the steps:
1] Download this file [Download]

2] Disable your antivirus and Remove Idea card from modem and insert another company SIM card.
3] Find out modem port no.
                Device Manager->Ports (COM&LPT)
HUAWEI Mobile Connect – 3G Application Interface (COM[X]) ...X is port no.
Find Port Number (Here COM9)

4] Extract downloaded Modem Unlock Tools.zip

5] Run ‘CDMA Workshop.exe’
  In Main tab
  • Set your port no under COM Setting.
  • Click on ‘Connect’
6] Click on Security Tab
  • Under SPC, enter ‘000000’ in empty box.
  • Click on SPC and then Send
7] Click on Memory Tab
  • Under ‘NV Items’  click on Read
  •  Click on Ok when confirmation box appears

  • Now enter ‘9999’ in Last NV Item box
  • Click Ok
  • Save File as ‘Unlock ‘ on desktop, and wait till the progress bar reaches to 100%

8] Now open ‘E1732 Downgrader.exe’ file and minimize ‘CDMA Workshop’
  • Click on Next
  • ‘Update Failure’ message will appear don’t worry about this
  • Click on Finish.

Just Click on Ok

9] Now move to 'CDMA Workshop' window
  • Under Main Tab click on Disconnect. 
  • Unplug your modem
  • Again Plugin modem
  •  Again find Port no.
10] In Main Tab under COM setting
  • Set port no
  • Click on Connect

11] Go to Memory tab
  • Under NV Items, Click on Write
  • Click on Ok when confirmation box appears
  • Choose ‘Unlock’ file from desktop that previously saved.
  • Click on Ok and wait till progress bar reaches to 100%.
  •  Click on Ok

12] Go to the Main Tab and click on Disconnect.

13] Close ‘CDMA Workshop’ when confirmation dialog box appears Click on ‘No’

Now, you can use any SIM card in your modem !!

BSNL Internet Connection after Unlocking.

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