Dead Target Unlimited 100% Hack (Unlimited Weapons+Grenades+Aid Kit+Spin) [Root]

Dead Target Unlimited 100% Hack (Unlimited Weapons+Grenades+Aid Kit+Spin) [Root]

I was very disappointed after searching hack for dead target games, all other sites on the internet giving false and fake information, then I decided to hack it myself. here I am sharing my hacking procedure. Note that this process is manual and requires root. You can not access the required file without root access.

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Steps to get Unlimited weapons in Dead Target Game
Step-1: Download and install Dead Target from google play

Step-2: Download & install Cheat Droid app from google play


Step-3: Open Dead Target and complete tutorial, play & complete 2-3 levels

Step-4: Open Cheat Droid App and open Dead Target from list


Step-5: Open %playerpref.xml

Step-6: Search and edit the following key values as shown in the screenshot


Step-7: Now open Dead Target and Enjoy
  • Use Grenades & Aid Kit To Win Mission
  • Use Free Casino Spins to earn gold, money & items
  • Use the money to buy a weapon
*** Don't edit String Values only edit Int and items in this post, warning if you edit encrypted game money value game data will be reset !!!

Unlimited Granades

Unlocked Sound Breaker Gun

High Number of Free Spins

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