WordPress Basics Video Tutorials

WordPress is the most famous and most used content management software, It is free and opensource
. Very easy to learn just you have to go through basics of word press features such as

  • How to Install WordPressHow to Create a User in WordPress
  • An Overview of The WordPress Dashboard
  • How to Install a Theme in WordPress
  • How to Create a Page in WordPress
  • How to Create a Post in WordPress
  • How to Edit an existing Post in WordPress
  • Distraction Free Writing in WordPress
  • How to Add an Image in WordPress
  • How To Create a Link In WordPress
  • How To Embedd Video in WordPress
  • How to Create Categories and Tags in WordPress
Better if you learn using short well explained video tutorial , this video tutorial is published by Blue Host on their you tube channel, and here you can take a look of properly Embedded Videos For Basic WordPress Guide Step-By-Step.

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