World Conqueror 4 Cheats and Hacks

World Conqueror 4 is the newest-released game by EASYTECH in 2017. You can download its mobile version from android google play store.
Its always better to support developers by purchasing original game. I do not support cracking or hacking software, games which cause great loss to the developers.

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Here i am demonstrating how root access can be used to modify and hack android games. To hack World Conqueror 4 game you need root access to your android mobile phone.

I have used Game Guardian apk (Not available on google play) ,you can download it from their website

I am not going to tell how to operate game guardian app, if you don't have any idea please go to the demo you tube video provided below this post.

I am just explaining the logic of the hack,

The game guardian can modify in-memory values being used by the running process. We will just modify known on-screen values of   World Conqueror 4. We will set negative values so at the time of purchase negative - negative will become positive.

see at the following screen, before starting World Conqueror 4 start the Game Guardian app, it will show a transparent popup icon to start while playing the game.

to modify purchase values i selected and searched for $360 which is required to purchase cruiser, see at following image.

I searched for the Dword 360 value in memory using game guardian.

and replaced it by -9999

after that, i attempted purchase of Cruiser and you can see $ value become added by 9999

if you are still unable to get the idea, please watch following video and do comment.

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