How to Free Up Disk Space

It is a fact that in most cases, the computer performance issue is associated with the increasing storage on the disk drive. To free up disk space and help your computer to run faster use some tips given below. After trying this, if someone from your friend list asks you “how to free up disk space” surely you will have answers.

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What causes an increase in disk usage?

User data and program-generated files cause an increase in disk usage. User data can come into the system in several ways, it may be transfer or downloading. User-generated data is not an issue because it can be moved and controlled. But, in the case of the program-generated files, it becomes difficult to identify and take care of. Data can be from one of the following,

  • software bloating
  • program logs and cache
  • system restore point and logs
  • system thumbnail cache
  • system update cache
  • temperory files
  • memory dumps
  • recycle bin etc

After analyzing the c drive with the most common disk cleanup tool CCleaner we get an idea what is taking space in the windows c drive.

ccleaner disk clean
Analyzed C Cleaner Data

How do I free up disk space on Windows 10?

You can free up disk space on Windows 10 either by using disk clean-up tools like CCleaner or system disk cleanup tool. Some space-consuming files will need manual attention. Although, a cleanup utility tool will do most of the work. There are more such tools easily available free to download. You can always free up space on c drive using windows inbuilt disk clean utility.

Fixing disk space issues after they appear doesn’t feel practical if we can avoid it. What if we do some tweaks to avoid the disk drive from being filled. Here are some manual tweaks to keep the disk drive free.

Turn off or decrease the size of disk usage for system restore

How to Free Up Disk Space
Disabling System Restore Point

Windows System Restore feature is enabled by default. Whenever you install a new program, update the device driver, and update the operating system restore point is automatically created. Most people don’t use restem restore feature ever, the question arises “I am not using system restore, then why it is enabled?”.

Even if you have huge free space on the system drive you will not like to let fill some portion of it with system restore data, because it always negatively affect your system performance.

steps :

  1. open ” System Properties” by entering “sysdm.cpl” in the run command (win+r)
  2. then, click on “System Protection” , select C drive -> click “Configure
  3. then from here, you can disable system protection or reduce the max usage quota.

The same procedure can also be used to delete already created system restore points, just click on “Delete” instead of disabling system restore.

Decrease the disk usage size of the recycle bin

How to Free Up Disk Space
Recycle Bin Setting

Recycle bin has its own quota to hold deleted files before they are deleted permanently It gives users a second chance to restore accidentally deleted files. This quota can be reduced or increased. Deduce it if you are careful while deleting large files. To open settings right click on recycle bin icon, then go to properties.

Clear Browsing Data

clear browsing data
Clear Browsing Data

Every browser saves history, cookies, image cache, and site browser cache files to speed up page reloading. But, this data can reach gigabytes easily. And thus it impacts drive space. You have to clear this cache either using a cleanup tool or by going to every browser setting.

Disable Hibernation in Windows.

image 7
Disable Hibernation in Windows 10

You can save few gigabytes by disabling hibernation mode in windows 10. You have to run the command prompt as admin. Then enter “powercfg.exe /hibernate off”. It is not recommended for laptop users because it saves your work when your laptop battery becomes critically low.

Run the Windows Clean Manager

How to Free Up Disk Space
Disc Cleanup

Windows comes already with a built-in cleaner that does simple basic tasks to free up disk space.
To access it click start -> Run -> type “cleanmgr” -> press OK

This is the easiest way to free up disk space without using the third-party cleanup tool.


How do I free up space on my C drive?

You can free up space on c drive using the windows disk cleanup feature. Open it using “cleanmgr” command in windows run.

How do I fix full disk space?

You can quick fix the full disk space problem by moving the personal files out of the full disk drive,
1. using the windows cleanup tool
2. emptying recycle bin
3. deleting restore point, and update the cache
4. uninstalling large size unwanted softwares.

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