How to Intentionally Drain Mobile Battery Fast?

How to drain mobile battery fast intentionally? Many people may think this is foolish or unwanted question., But it is not. It is absolutely needed when one wants to test battery back up and wants to know how fast it drains.

Why to drain mobile battery fast?

Sometime geek people wanted to test mobile phones battery backup. Some needs to test recharging time. Some app developer wants to analyse app power consumption. Generally, pro geek choose safe method and some new chooses quick but unsafe methods. Here we will see both safe and unsafe methods to drain mobile battery faster.

How to drain mobile battery fast ?

Safe & manual method,

  1. Disable power saving mode. Turn on flash light, Bluetooth, GPS.
  2. Set smartphone network to higest netwotk technogy. For example : 4G LTE/ 5G
  3. Activate internet connection and start downloading something in large size.
  4. Open all the possible apps in background. Play HD video/3d Game.
  5. Attach USB OTG device if possible , do some big file transfers.
  6. Set brightness to highest level and keep it always on.
  7. Put mobile phone on vibration mode.

Little unsafe & automatic method,

Download Fast discharge or Intensor Battery Drainer PRO or any other automatic battery draining app from play store.

Here is the example of Fast discharge app,

How to drain mobile battery fast
Fast Discharge App : discharge mobile battery faster

As per many reviews on play store this app allows to set battery threshold to set. We can set battery draining options. Then this app drains mobile battery faster using this enabled options up to preset battery threshold %.

How to drain mobile battery faster
Intensor Battery Drainer Pro

We are saying this option is little unsafe because some time mobile phone gets over heated and it may create problem. Better you choose safe option or be ready to cool overheating mobile phone.

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