How to Set Up Blogger Custom Domain On Bluehost

Follow the following steps to Host your Blogger domain name With Bluehost.

1. Apply for custom domain

Log in and apply for the custom domain name in blogger dashboard. Go to the  Basics under the Settings option.

Custom Domain Setting

Here enter your custom domain, here I have entered, the error will appear because we have not configured DNS record at the domain control panel.

Custom Domain Address Verification

keep this tab opened in the browser, we will need Host Name and Destination marked in red bracket.

2. Setup DNS records at domain provider (here at .bluehost)

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Log in to your account at BlueHost. When you log in, click at the control panel, then scroll down and click on the “DNS Zone Editor” which can be found under the “Domains” section.

DNS Zone Editor
When the domain section loads up, you’ll be required to select the appropriate domain to which you want to host on blogger blog and add A records and CNAME records.
DNS A Record

Please note that when It loads up, you’ll be required to add the total four A Records in the fields provided, as shown in above image. Here is the list of that four IP addresses for required for A record.

List of Added A Records

After this, you’ll need to add the CNAME records, just select CNAME from the drop-down menu and enter the details of your domain.

After doing that, In the Name field, add the name of your domain with www. In the CNAME field, write the following: for linking your domain with Blogger. Add an appropriate Time-To-Live in the TTL field.


In this way add both CNAME records provided at blogger dashboard.

List of Added CNAME Records

3. Verify Domain

Waite for few minutes. It takes some time to update DNS records. In my case, it took 5-10 minutes. After 5-10 minutes open Blogspot dashboard tab. Click on save. After successful verification custom domain address will get reflected.

Successfully Verified Custom Domain Address

You can enable SSL redirection after some time.

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