When will BSNL Increase Internet Speed

The most important factor regarding internet connection is its speed. Internet connection productivity is directly associated with actual bandwidth. Most of the time offered interned speed and the actual tested speed doesn’t match. there could be many reasons for this problem. The reasons include network coverage issues, peer load on RF base stations or antenna towers, or incorrect configuration at the user’s end.

Whatever reason causing you slow internet connection, it can be fixed. To fix slow speed in your BSNL internet connection you have to first identify the cause. If the cause is local configuration, here in this article you will get quick fixes. Otherwise, if the speed issue is caused by the service provider’s end you have to notify them. Then only BSNL will increase speed.

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Speed Issue With BSNL Mobile Internet

BSNL is a government-owned telecom operation company in India. It offers telecom services all over India. We can say that BSNL has India’s strongest and largest telecom infrastructure currently functional. In the current situation, it is the 3rd largest telecom operator after Jio and Airtel. It is Indias leading internet service provider (ISP). It offers a wide range of internet services. Which includes lined broadband, fiber optic broadband, WiMAX, and Mobile broadband.

Mobile broadband service is provided over mobile telecom network. And any problem caused to this telecom network may result in degraded internet service. Currently, BSNL is providing mobile broadband service over 3G and 4G only. 5G network implementation is in progress. Most of the users utilize the 4G network to get the benefits of mobile broadband.

The most common cause of degraded and slow internet service over 4G networks is RF station bandwidth overload and signal quality.

How to fix slow internet in BSNL 4G?

To fix this issue, you have to check exactly what is causing you this problem.
First, Check and configure mobile APN setting properly, The mobile APN settings for BSNL is as follows,

Name: BSNL
APN: Bsnlnet
Proxy: No Change required
Port: No Change required
Username & Password: No Change required
Server: No Change required
MMSC: No Change required

MMS Proxy & Port: No Change required
MCC & MNC: Leave default
Authentication Type: No Change required
APN Type:default,supl
APN Protocol: IPv4/IPv6
APN Roaming:ProtocolIPv4
Bearer: Unspecified

Second, check your signal quality. Low signal quality leads to a slow and disturbing internet connection. Try to switch on the 3G connection if 4G is not working properly in your area.

Third, if everything is ok from your side it must be with a bandwidth limit at the RF station you are connected to. Call BSNL customer care 198 to report coverage and speed issues. BSNL will assign a technician for 48 hours and increase the bandwidth of the RF station associated with your area This will increase the internet speed of all users connected to the same RF base station. Keep them calling with different BSNL user numbers, this will highlight issues in your area and they will increase speed for the long term.

Speed Issue With BSNL Broadband

First, If your internet speed is suddenly dropped it must be because of your broadband plan quota. Many BSNL unlimited broadband plan comes with high-speed data speed up to fixed quota then tey slows down your speed. To fix this issue check your monthly usage against fixing the highspeed quota. If this keeps happening every month either reduce unnecessary data usage or upgrade your current plan with an increased high-speed internet usage quota. Upgrading the quota will restore BSNL speed.

Second, If you find a highspeed usage quota is not yet finished, they get your modem and configuration checked with BSNL technical. To get a technician you have to call exact same person who installed your modem or visit the nearest BSNL office.

Third, In case your broadband connection is getting frequently disconnected due to line cut off, switch to an AirFibre broadband connection. This broadband connection is specially provided for rural areas where lines can not be easily installed. This type of connection doesn’t use physical lines but offers the speed of fiber optic lines. This overcomes the headache of frequent line cut-off because of digging roads, construction, and pipeline work happening in your area.


Promised internet speed is a basic right of every internet user. ISP must fulfill its service quality agreement. In case if they fail to do so, and this really happens. You must proactively tackle this issue by identifying the exact cause. If the problem is at the service provider’s side, contact them at the correct place. Similarly then BSNL will increase speed.

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