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Professional Way To Make Money Online

Written by Imran Sayyad

Internet become the largest place where people come together, stays connected, talks to each other, and shares their idea. In short, internet is the undeniable part of people’s life. Such a huge crowded place become the largest market place where almost anything can be sold and purchased. In this way lots of people choose online earning as their full time profession.

Lots of people search online for money making ideas, many blogs and websites provides tips and tricks to make online money. Web sites and blog claims that they have shortcut or special program, method to earn money online are almost fake.

You can listen to the real life successful people, it will make you clear that earning online needs sincere dedications and consistency in work. I am not saying that you will need to do hard work, you should be quite clear about your goal needs at least some regular dedications.

When the term “Professionally” comes, it is directly related to your passion and expertise field.

If you are passionate about your profession, you will surely enjoy your work, and very high possibility to have success.


If you are not passionate about your profession, you will be always under burden of failures.


Which of the way you select to earn online, relies in your passion.

For example John is passionate about cooking and he is expert cook, anyone can tell that It is very high possibilities that john will be successful in hotel and food restaurant business. But, If john neglect his passion and start participating in swimming competition in which he is not even interested how can he will be successful ??

That’s very simple theory,

In order to be successful you must work in the field about you are passionate and expert, and when the success comes it is up to you, to utilize your success impact to earn money.


Now, come to the point, John is passionate about cooking and he is expert cook, now he thinks that he should also make money online.

Then, he will choose options from following.

  • He can create his own online blog to teach people, how to make delicious dish, how to run successful restaurant business, how to create good relationship between customer and your restaurant.
  • He can create YouTube channel to post video tutorial to make different types of dish.
  • He can publish eBooks for the same
  • He can sell spices, ingredients online which are required in his recipes.

In all of above he can smartly integrate affiliate marketing, advertising and other types of commissioning networks to earn commission or direct money.


Here, we are talking about making money online in ” Professional  ” way ,  there are lot of methods to earn money online , but here I am going to explain only most reliable and proven ways to turn them in to your profession.

  1. Blogging – Blog is the online website platform where people share their knowledge, ideals, information etc.
  2. YouTube Channel – YouTube is the largest free to host video posting platform where people uploads video and monetize them to earn video and promote their products.
  3. Affiliate Marketing – People promotes third party products on their online platform, whenever visitor clicks and purchase product from promoted link they receive commission.
  4. Selling Products Online – People opens e commerce website or use online stores to sell their products, artifacts, collections, any things that can be sold online.
  5. Sell eBook – People writes books, novels, tutorials, and whatever about people are interested. Converts them in to the document format/e book and sell them online digital store.
  6. Write an Articles – Lots of online media websites are hungry for variety of articles, they purchase good quality articles ranging from 5$ to 100$. Good writers easily earn money by writing articles and stories for them.
  7. Sell Software – Good software’s that makes peoples work easy, can be very easily promoted online. If it is really helpful, it gets huge online sale.
  8. Sell Graphics Content – Creative people designs graphics such as Vectors, Icons, Videos, Wallpapers, we can sell them online. Professional photo shooter sell photos online.
  9. Sell Web Products – Freelancer people provides online web contents services such as website designing, digital marketing service, SEO, website plugins, themes etc. and makes money from various platforms such as envito market, google play etc.


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