Its Imran Sayyad, the techie person behind this blog. I created this blog in 2008. Its name was Immux Tech Blog, which is now parked at Techies Diary domain.

Immux Tech Blog (2011) to Techies Diary (2018)

I created this blog to solve tech-life problems that everyone faces. Its motive is to provide online resources to make people tech life better. Here at Techies Diary blog, I am sharing all those problems which I have solved.

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There are lots of places on the internet I am engaged with, see some of them like 
My websites and publications:
1. Online Business Guide: 
Start Online Business Guide
A blog that provides online resources to " Become Successful Internet Entrepreneur, Start Your Online Blog, Business, Website, Store To Make Profit From The Internet "
2. Hindi Wire
Hindi Wire

 Website in the Hindi language, to provide great stories, news, articles, and information.
3. Imran Sayyad's Blog
Sayyad Imran's Blog

A blog about the LIFE , and how it looks from my side.

4. Medium Blogs 

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