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Welcome Android Oreo – Safer, smarter, more powerful & sweeter than ever

Giving sweets name to the software was the strange thing. Since the android started to be more and more sweet after its every upgrade. I am loving its every version in its own way. Finally here we are reached up to the androids 8.0 version. And the name is given – Android Oreo.

Oh my god, that’s pretty name, I love Oreo too much and hope so android Oreo will satisfy all my sweet imaginations about it.

Android got sweet food name but as a human I cannot eat it, It is made for the better human technical smart life, Android is about to become best life partner, assistant. And it is continuously improving and growing beyond our imagination.
Android Oreo is 8th version in its row, major security and performance upgrades are expected. And Google is promising better security and performance. Google is saying that android Oreo is smarter, safer, powerful and sweeter than ever.
Here is the launch video posted by Google, through its Android YouTube Channel

In Video Google is relating android Oreo with solar eclipse, as we all know that, it is officially released while solar eclipse was going on.

Lots of reviews are available on internet. If you already have taken look of android Oreo, please give your review here below in this post. Go ahead to tell me what you think in comments.

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