Change Idea Netsetter Application UI Color

Idea Net setter application currently have yellow color by default, these color information is stored in skin.xml file stored in installed software directory..
Some people hate this color, that’s why the want to change it. .
follow the step given below to change color… 

                             1 . Download following file [self extractor]..[Download]
                             2. Close Your Idea Netsetter Software.
                             3. Left Click-> Run As Administrator..
                             4. Click Unzip  [Change Path If You Have Not Installed S/W In ‘C’ Drive] 
                             5. Run Your Idea Netsetter S/W
                             6. Finish.
Finally application will look like fallows…

We can also change color values by editing ‘skin.xml’ file which is complex part…

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  1. tvd says

    i think its not working.I unlocked my netsetter.i did as u said.but its not changing its colour.please explain what to do clearly.I think the steps u explained are not very clear for beginners like me.please explain.

  2. Admin says

    *(Sorry for bad language)

    First of all this post is about "To change Idea Netsetter dialer softwares color to blue"

    1. first download skin.exe file ,download link is given in step-1 (file is stored on sky drive it will download from next window which can be opened by clicking on skin.exe image)

    2.after downloading skin.exe left click on it,then click on run as administrator.

    3. then put address

    "C:Program FilesIdea Net Setter"

    at input box right side of browse button it will be already there

    4. then check 'overwrite file…' check box ,click on unzip…

    restart Idea Netsetter software

    its done…

    i have already used this for many times…

    hope…u got it.

  3. Unknown says

    so easy, thanks dude…

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