Enable Voice Calling In Idea Netsetter

By Default Idea Netsetter Application Doesn’t Support voice call, because the SIM card you have inserted in modem also not support voice calling service, voice calling service is blocked by the operator.

The solution is to use other SIM cards that supports voice calling, but one problem still can occur, that is the modem will be get locked after changing the SIM card. So, the solution to the locked modem is unlocking it to any network for the procedure you must refer my previous post about unlocking Huawei modem permanently else if you have already unlocked modem keep going..

  1. Download following self-extractor file.. [Download config.exe]
  2. Close Your Idea Netsetter Software.
  3. Right Click-> Run As Administrator.
  4. Click Unzip
  5. Run Your Idea Netsetter S/W
  6. Finish.

Finally, Call option Will be there in the menu bar. ..

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  1. sameer says

    i tried both of your tricks and both works, thank you i changed the color and added call function, can you also tell me how to increases speed

  2. Anonymous says

    one more thing if you can please tell how to change default homepage of it

  3. Anonymous says

    i tried both of your tricks but not added call function
    i am confuse if step 3. Left Click-> Run As Administrator..
    and 4. Click Unzip [Change Path If You Have Not Installed S/W In 'C' Drive]
    please help me

  4. Vipul Soni says

    Is your trick is okey. showing call function on idea net setter window. but cangt call from idea sim card which given by company….is that any process ?

  5. Imran Sayyad says

    SIM card given by Idea is by default disabled for voice calling… Try other sim card..but modem must be unlocked first.

  6. Bhavesh jeengar says

    If you can`t unzip in follwing address so just extract on desktop or enywhere you wan`t and coppy those itom`s and paste in C:Program FilesIdea Net Setter.

  7. Actinoid says

    I have onlocked the modem,
    Please tell me for EG162g, how to enable voice call…….

  8. Actinoid says

    But it always says call failed… pls help

  9. Imran Sayyad says

    Company SIM card generally not support voice calling..try other SIM card..

  10. Admin says
  11. Unknown says

    can i use it to making dashboard

  12. Unknown says

    ihave been unlocked but the setter was not able to take the profile ………..help me 8985933200 plz

  13. Imran Sayyad says

    Go to tools->options
    Profile management-> New
    Enter Profile name,APN(Check on static), then Save…

  14. Unknown says

    after installing config file…i get call option on idea net setter so thanks 4 that but when i tried to make call there is a error that show n/s can't find audio device.. so plz tell me solution of it..

  15. Imran Sayyad says

    it may be problem with your audio device,

    try it after plunging headphone with microphone. (headset)

  16. Unknown says

    how to enable voice calling in mts mblaze plz answer

  17. Emraan Khan says

    this method is not working on window 7 please send the proper information on saifymran@gmail.com

  18. Unknown says

    wana use idea net setter sim in mobile..plss help mee

  19. Unknown says

    I've gone through the steps but I didn't find any difference ..help me please, I've unlocked huwawei e1732 idea netsetter .

  20. admin says

    how to unlock it ? can i use other sim????????????????

  21. Sud says

    Nice, but call failed each time, even I am using vodafone.

  22. Bhavesh jeengar says

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  23. Unknown says

    I am using docomo in netsetter but give call fail error

  24. Unknown says

    i cant download config.exe so another link plz..???/

  25. Unknown says

    i have made all correct correction but am when calling it says failed help me..

  26. angelpair143 says

    its really working……. thnks bro

  27. Unknown says

    go to this website. i unlocked my idea 3g net setter. huwawei e1732 it working great. am using airtel in my idea netsetter

  28. Unknown says

    really?? i can even find the downloading link

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