Have you tried these Linux distros? Lets have look at them.

In this web story, we will look at Linux distributions other than Ubuntu. Which will be a good option to switch now.

by Imran Sayyad

Zorin OS

After Ubunto Zorin is the most beautiful-looking Linux distro. It has three types of varients. One for free, the second for low-configuration old computers, and the third for premium users with Windows & Mac-like UI themes.

Image by Zorin OS


Deepin is a Chinese distro of  Linux. It is made for high-configuration systems. It has almost the best user interface compared to all other distros.

Image by Zorin OS

Elementary OS

Elementary OS is the best option for Mac users who want to shift to the Linux platform. It has a Mac-like elegant look and feel.  It is more lightweight than Ubuntu.

Image by Unsplash

Feren OS

Feren OS is a variety of Linux Mint, it is the best option for people who want to switch from Windows. You will find a start menu and icons similar to those on Windows.

Image by Unsplash

Arch Linux

Arch Linux is an independently developed Linux operating system for minimal configuration usage.  The user has the option to add only what is needed.

Image by Unsplash

Final Thought

Still, Ubuntu is the first choice for every new Linux user. Because it has a very large support and community base. You will find lots of tutorials and information regarding this. So, choose it wisely.

Image by Ubuntu