Where to get Free WordPress Themes?


WordPress is an easy blogging platform that is being used by millions of bloggers worldwide and which releases thousands of themes carefully crafted by skilled developers. Here, at Techies diary we are sharing WordPress themes that, apart from making your site look great, will help you grow your business.

Is the theme so important for your site?

Yes, it is. Actually, a good theme will both drive more traffic and will rank well in search engines. It’s very important to make your theme intuitive, interactive, and catchy – so your readers can enjoy the navigation. Also, search engines look for well-coded and lightweight themes that can have good visibility on the web. 

However, there are tons of free and premium WordPress plugins available to choose from. They help you strengthen or extend your website’s functionality. You can pick whatever plugin you find fruitful for your site

Let’s see the list of some free theme providers,

 1. Just Free Themes

 2. Free WordPress Themes

3. Colorlib 

4. Envato Themeforest 

5. Template Monster

 6. Template Toaster


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