Why phone battery draining fast?

Power is the backbone and most important part of the technology. Everyday tech gadget including our mobile phone needs mobile power supply. No doubts, many of us asking question why phone battery draining fast?

Since, mobile phone is most important gadget, And battery backup is most important factor of the phone. Fast draining battery is the most common problem we face with it.

Generally, problem with fast draining mobile battery is because of our usage habit. Here we will focus on general and rare issue with battery backup and will try to know why phone battery draining fast?

Why phone battery draining fast?

General reasons

  1. High power and data consuming apps – Many apps like Facebook, snap chat, google maps, ticktock stays continuously active in background and consumes more power. You can restrict them by turning on power saving mode, turning off background data usage.
Why phone battery draining fast
High Battery Using Apps
  1. Lots of preinstalled apps and active functions in brand new mobile phone – uninstalling or disabling unwanted apps can solve this problem.
  2. Full brightness setting is most common reason of draining mobile battery. Set is it lowest feasible level or to automatic.
  3. Continuously active data connection on high frequency channel like 4G or 5G requires more power. Set it to preferred lower frequency band like 3G/2G when you don’t want to use high speed data.
  4. Active wireless settings , Bluetooth, GPS etc setting keeps consuming phone battery in background. Better to set it auto off when not in use. Or change scanning interval with more time.
  5. High phone notification volume & on vibrator setting.
  6. Due to the Poor network signal mobile phone keeps scanning for nearest cell tower and causes more power consumption to transmit signal over long distance. Set your phone to offline mode if you are in known out of coverage area.

Common mistakes

  1. If we keep Unwanted application running in background , surely they will be reason of unwanted power consumption. Always remember to close/exit unwanted background running apps.
  2. Many time Unofficial app store takes full phone access permissions and then installs unwanted power consuming apps without our permission. They can display ads, popups which consumes unwanted mobile data and battery power.
  3. Installing multiple email client apps or separate official email client for each email gives unnecessary load to mobile phone.Instead use only one email client for all your emails.
  4. Giving unwanted full access permissions to every app allows them to show ads, popups and consume data in background.
  5. Setting flashlight on for notifications drains high amount of power.
  6. Installing lots of online apps opens the door to frequent data and power consumption. Such online apps displays huge number of notifications from online feeds. It disturbs your focus and causes wastage to time.
  7. Frequent and partial battery charging reduces battery recharging cycles count.
  8. Due to the use of incompatible phone charger we may harm our battery health and it leads to fast battery draining.

Rare reasons.

  1. Hardware issue : Short circuited phone hardware like integrated chips cause to drain phone battery faster and overheating.
  2. Battery failure : It is very rare situation when phone battery failure occurs. It can be solved by replacing it from authorized service center.
  3. Temperature conditions: Freezing temperature can cause suffer to your battery functionality. Battery drains faster in very low temperature. charging Lithium battery in below 32 degrees Fahrenheit (zero degrees C) temperature can harm battery. Better not to use frozen mobile phone.

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