Awesome Windows 10 Features & Tricks


Awesome Windows 10 Features 

1. Multiple Desktop

In windows 10 you can work with multiple virtual desktops. The feature is similar to Cube Desktop Software. You can work on one project on one desktop and another on the second desktop and so on.

There is Task View Icon at taskbar near Cortana and Start icon. You have to click on it it will show available virtual desktops. To add new virtual desktop screen you have to click on New Desktop 

2. Inbuilt Wifi Hotspot Feature

If you are using laptop or desktop with inbuilt wi-fi device, you just have to click on Mobile Hotspot button available after right click on Internet Icon at the taskbar.

If you don’t have inbuilt wi-fi device you can attach USB Mini Wifi, the detailed procedure is explained on Techies Diary Blog.

3. Night Mode

 If you are working for a long time on the computer you can turn on night mode. Stress in your eyes will definitely reduce.It can be turned on from Notification Area.

4.  Tablet Mode

You can switch to Tablet Mode From Notification Window

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