New Windows 8 OS Selection Menu With 3 OS

It sounds crazy to experimenting the multiple operating systems inside the single computer system. But these days installing multi-os becoming normal in tech people.
If you are thinking to install Linux along with windows it looks like normal because both platforms have their own advantages. Techies do these normally.
But, here it is necessary to take the precaution of the sequence in which you are going to install the operating system.
I am the person who experimented installing up to 3 operation system at a time in a single computer. I was using windows 7 and Linux (Ubuntu) when window 8 released. So, I wanted to test Windows 8, but don’t want to remove my current installation as windows 8 was not mature at that time.
There were much compatibility problems, like software’s running fine on windows 7 just crashing in windows 8.
So I decided to install windows 8 as my third operating system. And taken above screenshot of the OS selection menu.
I want to give some suggestions if you are also thinking to do the same.
Always prefer windows 10 over windows 8 and 8.1 as it is the really mature operating system. Always install Linux first and then windows, because in reverse case Linux always modifies BCD data, so if you want the above look of OS selection menu, then just install windows at last.
In case your BCD is overwritten by Linux then run repairs from the windows installation disk.
If you want to create your own customized OS list as in the screenshot above I changed Ubuntu’s name to IMMUx Ubuntu, Use  EasyBCD Editor or Visual BCD Editor.

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