Get Introduced to Microsoft Windows Terminal

The Microsoft Windows Terminal is a modern, powerful, fast, efficient, and productive terminal application. It is released in May 2019. It is for users of command-line tools. It looks like Command Prompt, PowerShell, and WSL. It is part of the GitHub open source project by Microsoft. It is very much welcomed by developers and power users as it brings Linux shell-like features into the windows. It totally changed the concept of command-line tools.

1 Key features of new Windows Terminal

It has the following main features

  • Multiple tabs
  • Unicode and UTF-8 character support
  • GPU accelerated text rendering
  • Custom themes, styles and configurations.
  • Powershell and linux in same window.
  • 24-bit color
  • Window transparency effects
  • Themes, background images and tab color settings[11]
  • Different window modes (e.g. fullscreen mode, focus mode, always on top mode)
  • Split panes
  • Support for embedded hyperlinks
  • Copying text to clipboard in HTML and RTF format
  • Mouse input
  • Customizable key bindings
  • Incremental search

2 Get it from Microsoft store

Windows terminal is officially released and available free to download on Microsoft store. After installation, you can access it from the start menu. Its official website is which also gets redirected to the Microsoft Store app page.

Since its source is hosted on GitHub, developers can download and see source code there.

3 New look of windows terminal

New look of windows terminal
Basic “dir” command in windows terminal

It looks like this in a dark theme setting,

Color background setting in windows terminal

If you click the arrow to the right of the New Tab button, you’ll see a list of sessions you can open Windows PowerShell, Command Prompt, Linux distributions like Ubuntu (if you have them installed with the Windows Subsystem for Linux), and Microsoft’s Azure Cloud Shell.

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  1. Sagir Pathan says

    How to add Linux shell in this terminal ?

  2. Imran Sayyad says

    You have them installed with the Windows Subsystem for Linux. See Guide :

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