100+ ChatGPT Prompts for New Users

ChatGPT is continuously evolving with its capabilities. Currently prompting is the only best way to unleash and utilize the power of this AI model. It offers various applications, from generating creative writing to providing informative answers. To make the most of Chat GPT’s capabilities, it’s helpful to have a collection of command prompts at your fingertips.

In this article, we present a comprehensive list of categorized 100+ chatGPT command prompts for easy reference.

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Things You Can Do With ChatGPT

Below is a list of some common activities that you can engage in with ChatGPT. While using ChatGPT, you may need to learn or guess the syntax of the prompting. Asking ChatGPT correctly is necessary to get a good response.

  • Write a Resume and Cover Letter
  • Explain Complex Topics
  • Step-by-Step Solve Tricky Math Problems
  • Get Relationship Advice
  • Extract Data From Text
  • Summarize Articles
  • Write, Debug, and Explain Code
  • Create Content In Multiple Languages
  • Prepare for a Job Interview
  • Write Essays on Almost Any Topic
  • Generate Email Templates
  • Use as a Search Engine
  • Explain in Different Styles
  • Brainstorm Ideas
  • Conversations About Your Favorite Topic
  • Write Comparison Tables
  • Generate ASCII, Emoji, SVGs
  • Complete Your Essays and Assignments
  • Generate Jokes
  • Play Trivia Games
  • Treat It Like a Mentor
  • Generate Bio and Posts for Social Media
  • Translate Text
  • Outline the Book, Chapters, and Intros
  • Generate YouTube Scripts
  • Write Blog Posts or Articles
  • Play Guessing Games
  • Ask for Movie and Book Recommendations
  • Generate Movie Scripts and Stories
  • Write Song Lyrics and Poems
  • Get Random Facts
  • Complete Crossword Puzzles
  • Create an App
  • Rewrite Texts to Make them Plagiarism Free

ChatGPT Prompts for New Users

The responses generated by the AI model are often tailored to the specific query prompt, so the more accurately and precisely you ask your question, the more accurate and precise the answer you receive will be. Try following basic prompts orgnized under their categories to improve your ChatGPT AI prompting skills.

General Conversation Prompts:

These prompts are designed to initiate casual and light-hearted conversations with the AI. They can be used to break the ice or engage in friendly banter.

“Tell me a joke.”

“What’s the weather like today?”

“Who won the last Super Bowl?”

ChatGPT Prompts for Creative:

These prompts are meant to inspire your creativity and assist in generating ideas for various forms of writing, such as poems, stories, or essays.

“Write a poem about love.”

“Create a short story set in a dystopian world.”

“Compose a haiku about nature.”

Educational and Informative Prompts:

These prompts focus on seeking informative answers and explanations on a wide range of educational topics, including science, history, and concepts from various fields.

“Explain the concept of artificial intelligence.”

“What are the main causes of climate change?”

“How does photosynthesis work?”

Personal Assistance Prompts:

These prompts are designed to help you with personal tasks and organization. You can ask for reminders, schedule management, or access information about your daily activities.

“Remind me to buy groceries tomorrow.”

“Set an alarm for 7 a.m.”

“What’s on my calendar for today?”

Entertainment and Trivia Prompts:

These prompts provide opportunities for fun and entertainment. You can ask for trivia, facts about movies, music, sports, or any other popular topic.

“Who is the actor that played Iron Man in the Marvel movies?”

“Tell me a fun fact about space.”

“What’s the highest-grossing movie of all time?”

Productivity and Organization Prompts:

These prompts aim to assist you in improving your productivity and organizational skills. You can seek advice on time management, create to-do lists, or explore productivity techniques.

“Create a to-do list for the day.”

“Schedule a meeting for next Tuesday.”

“What are some time management techniques?”

Language and Translation ChatGPT Prompts:

These prompts focus on language-related tasks, such as translations, learning new phrases, or getting help with grammar and vocabulary in different languages.

“Translate ‘Hello, how are you?’ to French.”

“What is the word for ‘thank you’ in Spanish?”

“Can you help me learn basic German phrases?”

Health and Fitness Prompts:

These prompts revolve around health, wellness, and fitness-related topics. You can seek advice on healthy recipes, exercise routines, or learn about the benefits of various practices.

“What are some low-calorie dinner recipes?”

“How many calories are burned during a 30-minute jog?”

“What are the benefits of meditation?”

Technology and Science Prompts:

These prompts cater to technology enthusiasts and those interested in scientific concepts. You can explore the latest advancements, learn about specific technologies, or ask for explanations on scientific phenomena.

“Explain the concept of blockchain.”

“What are the latest advancements in quantum computing?”

“Tell me about the Mars Perseverance Rover mission.”

Travel and Exploration Prompts:

These prompts assist in travel planning and exploration. You can seek recommendations for tourist attractions, transportation options, or information about popular travel destinations.

“What are some must-visit tourist attractions in Paris?”

“How do I get from London to Edinburgh by train?”

“What’s the best time to visit the Grand Canyon?”

Social Media and Networking Prompts:

These prompts are designed to help you engage with social media platforms and expand your network. You can seek assistance with posting updates, finding trending topics, or exploring professional profiles.

“Post a tweet saying, ‘Excited about my upcoming vacation!'”

“What are the latest trending topics on Twitter?”

“Find LinkedIn profiles of professionals in the marketing industry.”

Gaming ChatGPT Prompts:

These prompts cater to gaming enthusiasts and provide assistance with various gaming-related topics. You can seek game recommendations, tips for specific levels or bosses, or general information about popular games.

“Recommend a strategy game for PC.”

“What are some popular multiplayer online games?”

“How do I defeat the boss in level 5 of ‘The Legend of Zelda’?”

Financial and Investment Prompts:

These prompts focus on financial literacy and investment-related inquiries. You can seek stock prices, tips for saving money, or information about investment opportunities for beginners.

“What is the current stock price of Apple Inc.?”

“Give me some tips for saving money.”

“What are the best investment opportunities for beginners?”

Music and Entertainment Prompts:

These prompts revolve around music and entertainment. You can ask for song recommendations, information about artists or bands, or even request specific genres or moods for music playback.

“Play some relaxing jazz music.”

“What are the top songs on the Billboard Hot 100 chart?”

“Who is the lead guitarist of the band Queen?”

Personal Development Prompts:

These prompts aim to assist you in personal growth and self-improvement. You can seek advice on various topics, such as public speaking, mindfulness, or suggestions for motivational books.

“What are some effective ways to improve public speaking skills?”

“Suggest books for personal growth and motivation.”

“How can I practice mindfulness in my daily life?”

Relationship and Dating Prompts:

These prompts provide guidance and advice on relationships and dating. You can seek suggestions for date ideas, tips for starting conversations, or information about building healthy relationships.

“What are some fun date ideas for couples?”

“Give me tips for starting a conversation with someone new.”

“What are the signs of a healthy relationship?”

Food and Cooking Prompts:

These prompts cater to culinary enthusiasts. You can ask for recipes, information about different cuisines, or tips and techniques for cooking specific dishes.

“Share a recipe for homemade pizza dough.”

“What are some popular dishes in Thai cuisine?”

“How do I make a classic French omelette?”

History and Culture ChatGPT Prompts:

These prompts focus on historical events and cultural topics. You can seek information about ancient civilizations, significant historical moments, or details about renowned artworks.

“Tell me about the ancient civilizations of Mesopotamia.”

“What events led to the American Revolution?”

“Who painted the famous artwork ‘Mona Lisa’?”

Sports Prompts:

These prompts cater to sports enthusiasts. You can ask for sports news, current standings in sports leagues, or information about rules and gameplay of various sports.

“What are the current standings in the English Premier League?”

“Who holds the record for the most home runs in Major League Baseball?”

“Tell me about the rules of basketball.”

Environmental and Sustainability Prompts:

These ChatGPT prompts revolve around environmental issues and sustainable practices. You can seek information about reducing your carbon footprint, alternative energy sources, or the impact of certain actions on the environment.

“How can individuals reduce their carbon footprint?”

“What are some alternative energy sources?”

“What are the effects of deforestation on wildlife?”

Psychology and Mental Health Prompts:

These prompts focus on psychological well-being and mental health topics. You can seek advice on managing stress, coping with anxiety or depression, or understanding various therapeutic approaches.

“What are some effective stress management techniques?”

“Explain the concept of cognitive behavioral therapy.”

“How can I improve my resilience and emotional well-being?”

Fashion and Style Prompts:

These prompts cater to fashion enthusiasts and provide guidance on style and trends. You can seek fashion advice, outfit suggestions, or information about influential designers and fashion events.

“What are the latest fashion trends for the summer season?”

“Suggest outfit ideas for a casual date night.”

“Who are some influential fashion designers in the industry?”

Parenting and Childcare Prompts:

These ChatGPT prompts aim to assist parents and caregivers with parenting-related topics. You can seek tips for effective parenting strategies, advice on child development milestones, or guidance on handling specific parenting challenges.

“What are some strategies for dealing with toddler tantrums?”

“How can I encourage positive behavior in my child?”

“Give me tips for creating a bedtime routine for infants.”

Job Search and Career Development Prompts:

These prompts focus on career-related topics, including job search strategies, resume writing tips, and interview preparation. You can seek guidance on advancing your career or transitioning to a new profession.

“How do I write an effective resume?”

“What are the key qualities employers look for in candidates?”

“Provide interview tips for landing a job in the tech industry.”

Science Fiction and Fantasy Prompts:

These prompts are designed for fans of science fiction and fantasy genres. You can explore creative story ideas, discuss futuristic concepts, or create imaginative scenarios involving fictional elements.

“Create a story about a time-traveling adventurer.”

“Invent a unique creature that could exist in a fictional world.”

“Imagine a technology that allows humans to communicate with animals.”

DIY and Home Improvement Prompts:

These prompts in ChatGPT cater to DIY enthusiasts and homeowners interested in home improvement projects. You can seek advice on DIY repairs, creative home decor ideas, or guidance for tackling specific renovation tasks.

“How do I install a ceiling fan in my living room?”

“Suggest creative storage solutions for small spaces.”

“What are some beginner-friendly woodworking projects?”

Entrepreneurship and Business Prompts:

These prompts focus on entrepreneurship and business-related inquiries. You can seek guidance on starting a business, marketing strategies, or tips for effective leadership and management.

“What are some essential steps for starting a successful business?”

“Explain the concept of market segmentation and targeting.”

“What are the key factors to consider when developing a marketing strategy?”

Philosophy and Existentialism Prompts:

These prompts delve into philosophical concepts and existential inquiries. You can explore discussions on ethics, morality, or engage in conversations about the meaning of life and existence.

“Discuss the concept of free will versus determinism.”

“What are some ethical theories on the nature of right and wrong?”

“Explain the philosophy of existentialism in simple terms.”

Art and Design Prompts:

These prompts cater to artists and art enthusiasts. You can seek inspiration for artistic projects, explore various art techniques, or learn about renowned artists and art movements.

“Describe the characteristics of Renaissance art.”

“Suggest artistic techniques for creating a realistic portrait.”

“Who are some influential contemporary artists?”

Social Issues and Advocacy Prompts:

These Chat GPT prompts revolve around social issues and advocacy topics. You can engage in discussions about diversity, equality, and ways to make a positive impact on society.

“What are the main challenges in achieving gender equality?”

“Discuss the impact of climate change on vulnerable communities.”

“How can individuals contribute to reducing poverty in their communities?”

Science and Technology Prompts:

These prompts revolve around social issues and advocacy topics. You can engage in discussions about diversity, equality, and ways to make a positive impact on society.

“Explain the principles of quantum mechanics.”

“What are the latest advancements in renewable energy?”

“Describe the process of DNA replication.”

Relationship Advice Prompts:

These ChatGPT prompts provide guidance and insights into building and maintaining healthy relationships. You can seek advice on communication, trust-building, conflict resolution, or navigating various relationship dynamics.

“How can I improve communication with my partner?”

“What are some tips for maintaining a long-distance relationship?”

“How do I build trust in a new relationship?”

Motivational and Inspirational Prompts:

These prompts aim to inspire and motivate individuals. You can seek uplifting quotes, strategies for personal growth and self-improvement, or stories of inspirational individuals who have overcome challenges.

“Share a quote that inspires perseverance and resilience.”

“What are some strategies for overcoming self-doubt and achieving goals?”

“Tell me about individuals who have made a significant positive impact on society.”

Pet and Animal Care Prompts:

These prompts offer assistance and tips for taking care of pets and animals. You can seek guidance on pet training, grooming, common health issues, or suggestions for creating a safe and enriching environment for animals.

“How do I train a puppy to sit and stay?”

“What are some common health issues in cats, and how can they be prevented?”

“Suggest fun and mentally stimulating activities for dogs.”

Meditation and Mindfulness Prompts:

These ChatGPT prompts focus on mindfulness practices and meditation techniques. You can seek guidance for relaxation, stress reduction, or explore mindfulness exercises to enhance focus and overall well-being.

“Guide me through a short mindfulness meditation session.”

“What are the benefits of practicing meditation daily?”

“How can I incorporate mindfulness into my busy schedule?”

Personal Finance and Budgeting Prompts:

These prompts provide advice on personal finance management. You can seek guidance on budgeting, saving strategies, investing tips, or learn about financial concepts like compound interest and diversification.

“How do I create a realistic monthly budget?”

“What are some effective strategies for saving money?”

“Provide tips for investing in the stock market for beginners.”

Photography and Photo Editing Prompts:

These prompts cater to photography enthusiasts. You can seek tips for capturing stunning photographs, explore various photography techniques, or learn about photo editing software and techniques for enhancing images.

“What are some techniques for capturing stunning landscape photographs?”

“Suggest photo editing software for enhancing images.”

“How do I achieve the bokeh effect in portrait photography?”

Ethical Dilemmas and Decision-Making Prompts:

These prompts engage in discussions around ethical considerations and decision-making processes. You can explore hypothetical scenarios, and ethical frameworks, or seek guidance on making ethically sound choices.

“Discuss the ethical implications of genetic engineering.”

“Present a hypothetical scenario where a moral decision must be made.”

“What are some ethical considerations in the field of artificial intelligence?”

Parenting Advice Prompts:

These ChatGPT prompts offer guidance and support for parents. You can seek tips for effective parenting, advice on child development stages, strategies for positive discipline, or information on fostering a nurturing family environment.

“How can I help my child develop good study habits?”

“What are some strategies for handling sibling rivalry?”

“Provide tips for promoting positive discipline and behavior in children.”

Critical Thinking and Problem-Solving Prompts:

These prompts encourage critical thinking and problem-solving skills. You can engage in logical reasoning puzzles, explore strategies for approaching complex problems, or seek advice on decision-making processes.

“How do I approach a complex problem and break it down into manageable parts?”

“Discuss the importance of critical thinking in decision-making.”

“Present a logical reasoning puzzle for me to solve.”

In the end, we can summarize that, using the above 100+ example ChatGPT prompts you can start your journey with an AI chatbot. It will give you a clear idea of “How to interact with ChatGPT?”. After this, you can combine, refine and utilize follow-up commands in a single chat session to leverage your AI prompting skills.

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