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Where Was the First Computer Installed in India?

The first computer installed in India was at Indian Statistical Institute, Calcutta (now called Kolkata), in 1955. Remember here that the first computer developed and installed are both different. Initially, Indian scientist was struggling to build Indian origin computer. Later in 1991, Indian scientists shocked …

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Techy or Techie Which is Correct?

Are you a technology enthusiast or computer expert and confused about what term to use Techy or Techie? Don’t worry, lots of people want to know what it actually means and which one to use. There is a big discussion over these terms such as …

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Why phone battery draining fast?

Power is the backbone and most important part of the technology. Everyday tech gadget including our mobile phone needs mobile power supply. No doubts, many of us asking question why phone battery draining fast? Since, mobile phone is most important gadget, And battery backup is …

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What are Pegasus and Trident Spyware?

You may have recently read about Israeli spyware Pegasus and Trident in Indian news. The opposition party in India accusing Prime Minister Sri Narendra Modi of this spyware misuse. As per the news, More than 1,000 phone numbers in India were among nearly 50,000 selected …

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