Which is Safer WhatsApp or Telegram? I have Reasons to Make Both of Them a Villain.

Consider a scenario where you have to choose between two tools where one is malfunctioning and another one will possibly damage the work. Which one will you choose?

You will decide to get a new tool, right? But, in the case of choosing a safe messaging app, you will not have that choice, because you can’t trust any of them.

The safety trust factor of messaging apps like WhatsApp and Telegram is always in debate because of related news of safety and privacy breaches popping up frequently.

But in this case, as far today you have to make a compromise and choose one of these two apps. I will help you to choose one which is more safe for you.

Which is safer, WhatsApp or Telegram?

The very first thing to remember in this debate is both WhatsApp and Telegram are not safe. Instead, you have to find a way to use them safely.

Both of these messaging apps have gained immense popularity for their features, but as you rightly pointed out, they also come with their own set of security concerns. So, let’s break it down and find out what you need to know to make an informed choice.

Let’s visualize it with this safety concern data,

Sr_NoSafety FeatureWhatsAppTelegram
1End-to-End EncryptionYes (for all chats)Yes (for ‘Secret Chats’)
2Default Cloud BackupYesYes
3Self-Destructing MessagesMin 24 HoursMin Few Seconds
4Group Chat Member Limit256 participants200,000 participants
5Virus /Marware Spread HistoryNoYes
6Data Sharing ControversiesYes (with Facebook)No
7Spam RiskLower RiskHigh Risk
8Two-Factor AuthenticationYesYes

Essential Security

You can see that both WhatsApp and Telegram apps have essential security features such as Chat Encryption, disappearing messages, 2F Authentication, and cloud backup for data safety.

But, keep in mind that Government agencies can still access your data from both apps.

Private Data Sharing Controversies

In the case of privacy and data-sharing practices, you can’t trust WhatsApp, as it is their business model to share users’ data for targeted marketing. Well-known controversies of sharing user data with parent company Meta (formerly Facebook) are proof of this fact.

Telegram doesn’t have such controversies of sharing user’s private data with third-party. Hence you can say WhatsApp is the bad guy in this case.

Chats Security

In the case of secret disappearing chats, the telegram has good advantages over WhatsApp. Also, you can set a PIN code to access chat messages in Telegram.

You can send self-disappearing messages over both apps, but Telegram’s minimum time threshold of a few seconds is what is necessary.

You have to configure the device’s privacy visibility settings to avoid private messages being seen by someone else in the mobile notification bar.

Virus and Malware Spread History

Malware apps can not affect WhatsApp directly but they are able to send bulk spam messages after getting control of the device. But, what app is designed to block such spammy messages after a suspicious few attempts?

In this case, Telegram has a bad reputation. Telegram has lots of spam and malware-spreading channels and bots. Also, recently telegram has fallen to high-impact malware attacks. Recently, Trojanized Signal and Telegram apps on Google Play delivered spyware.

Verdict: So, what should you choose?

Both WhatsApp and Telegram offer strong security features, but they also have their vulnerabilities:

For better overall security chats and protection, you should go with WhatsApp, but keep in mind your private user’s data (not images and private chats) will be used to target you by WhatsApp’s parent company for advertisement purposes.

Alternatively, telegram will provide you strongest and quickly disappearing private chat session with a guarantee of data safety. But you have to avoid spam and malware-spreading groups and bots.

Even so, for now, you can’t avoid WhatsApp as it is a widespread and most convenient way to quickly get work done. So, use both of them for specific usage.

Now that we’ve explored the safety aspects of WhatsApp and Telegram, what’s your take on it? Have you encountered any security issues with these apps?

Share your thoughts and experiences in the comments below.

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