[Fixed] Excel Cannot Break Links Issue


Trying to break excel links but excel can not break links? It may be because you have referred external file in the data source of excel objects or validations. Excel warning messages become a headache if excel cannot break links when tried. In normal cases, …

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Why are There So Many Google Chrome Processes?


Curious about so many google chrome processes in task manager? It could be because of lots of opened tabs or heavy object embedded web pages. Increased number of processes negatively affects multitasking performance. This issue is not just associated with google chrome. Other chromium process …

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Fixing “Warning: This page allows direct access to your site settings. You can break things here. Please be cautious!”


Working everything fine till yesterday and suddenly this “Warning: This page allows direct access to your site settings. You can break things here. Please be cautious!” appeared in the WordPress dashboard? Don’t worry it could be because of your antivirus or blocking app installed in …

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Install Snap Change in Progress

terminal thumb

The package installation process in a snap can be stuck sometimes. This results in an ” unable to install snap change in progress ” error. A snap is a bundle of an app and its dependencies that works without change across many different Linux-based distributions like Ubuntu, …

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Fixing NVIDIA Control Panel in Windows 10


What is NVIDIA control panel? It is the software interface panel that allows NVIDIA hardware configuration. It is very common that every graphics hardware company provides its own GPU customization software. Like Intel’s Graphics Control Panel and AMD’s Catalyst Control Center. The NVIDIA Control Panel …

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[Fixed] Your Firefox Profile Cannot be Loaded


Tried to open firefox, and it displayed the pop-up message “Your Firefox profile cannot be loaded. It may be missing or inaccessible”. It means that the Firefox browser cannot find or access the folder that stores your profile. This error also occurs if the Windows cache is deleted, …

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