“msedge.exe Attempted to Establish a Connection” Warning in Bitdefender (Solved)


Are you encountering a perplexing notification from Bitdefender, warning you about a suspicious connection attempt by msedge.exe to an expired certificate at bzib.nelreports.net or deff.nelreports.net?

Fret not, as you’re not alone in this predicament. Many users have reported similar concerns, and it’s time to demystify this issue.

Understanding the Warning

bitdifender notification msedge attempt
Screenshot of Bitdefender Antivirus Dashboard Showing Notification

Bitdefender is doing its job by flagging a connection attempt from Microsoft Edge (msedge.exe) to a domain with an expired security certificate. The warning states that the connection was blocked to ensure your data’s safety, emphasizing the risk associated with outdated security certificates.

According to Bitdefender’s response, the notification is triggered because a Windows service is trying to access a domain with an expired SSL certificate owned by Microsoft.

Is it a Hidden Threat or a False Positive?

The good news is that, according to experts response on Microsoft’s official forum, these domains (bzib.nelreports.net/deff.nelreports.net) are used by Microsoft online services and are not malicious. In fact, it’s a known bug that Bitdefender sometimes raises false positives for these domains. So, rest assured, it’s likely not a hidden virus or malware.

Quick Tip: If you’re still worried, perform a thorough scan using your antivirus software to double-check for any potential threats.

Resolving the Issue

Now, the pressing question: How to fix this issue? You can just ignore it, block that domain by adding it to the host file, or add that domain to the exemption list.

1. Blocking domain using hosts file

Blocking the domain using your system’s host file.

  1. Open notepad with admin rights
  2. Go to the directory “C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc” from the “Open” menu
  3. Open the “hosts.ics file
  4. add the line bzib.nelreports.net
editing hosts file in notepad
Screenshot of Notepad Application While Editing Hosts File

This ensures your PC won’t connect to that web address.

2. Add to the exception list

In my case, I added bzib.nelreports.net and deff.nelreports.net, domains to the Bitdefender exception list.

adding exception in bitdefender
Screenshot of Bitdefender Exception Option

To add this go to “Advance Threat Defense”->”Settings”->”Manage Exceptions”

Remember, I am suggesting only these domains because they are safe. Don’t do this for unsafe domains.

3. Disabling edge news

Several users in the community have shared their experiences and tips on dealing with this notification. For example, Reddogg6670 found relief by turning off Microsoft Edge’s news feeds to stop the threat notifications.

Wrapping Up

In conclusion, the “msedge.exe Attempted to Establish a Connection” warning in Bitdefender seems to be a false positive related to an expired SSL certificate from Microsoft.

Have you encountered similar tech mysteries? Share your experiences and let’s unravel them together! 🚀💻

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