Instagram Swipe Reply Not Working? Here’s How to Fix It

Have you ever found yourself frustrated while trying to respond to Instagram messages with the swipe reply feature, only to discover that it’s not working as expected? You’re not alone.

Recently, I encountered issues with my Instagram ID, where I couldn’t swipe to respond to messages. If you’re facing a similar problem, worry not—here are some solutions I’ve tried that might just do the trick.

Fixes To Instagram Message Swipe Reply Not Working on Android or iPhone

1. Restart the Instagram App

When faced with this issue, the first step is often the simplest—restart the Instagram app. Close the app, and reopen it. Restarting the app or even rebooting your device can sometimes resolve Instagram glitches, addressing parameters that may be causing the problem.

2. Update Your Instagram App

It might sound cliché, but regularly updating your apps is crucial. Instagram consistently releases updates to fix bugs, improve display, and introduce new features. More often than not, updating the app can resolve various issues, including problems with the swipe reply feature.

3. Clear Cache and Data

Another potential solution is clearing the cache. Don’t worry; it won’t erase your cherished memories or food pictures. Clearing the cache removes temporary files and resets the app settings. On your Android or iPhone, go to Settings, choose “Apps” or “Application Manager,” find Instagram, and select “Clear Cache.”

4. Disable Third-Party Apps

If you have any third-party apps installed that modify the Instagram app, they might interfere with the swipe reply feature. Disable these apps and check if the problem persists. Sometimes, these apps can unintentionally disrupt Instagram’s functionality.

5. Reinstall Instagram

If all else fails, consider uninstalling and reinstalling the Instagram app. It might seem like a hassle but think of it as cutting ties with the app and rekindling your connection. This fresh start could kickstart the swipe reply feature back into action.

Remember to back up any essential data before uninstalling to avoid losing valuable information.

Remember, technology can be demanding, but there’s usually a solution. Stay patient, try these steps, and you’ll likely find yourself swiping through messages effortlessly in no time.

Have you faced this issue? How did you resolve it? Share your experiences below! 👇✨

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