How to Copy and Paste a Picture in Windows From 6 Locations

Gorgeous pictures are the crush of creativity lovers. Lots of people like us want to make a copy of images we liked. It becomes challenging to make a copy of such pictures if they are in different locations and formats. Using some tricks and easy methods you can do the job quickly.

Why you may need to copy pictures?

If you are working with creative graphics, indeed, you will need it. For example, assume you are reading a PDF file, and you liked the image, and illustration of infographics placed in it, and now you want to share it with the group. You can not share the whole PDF file every time. You will need to extract the exact piece of the image and save it locally before it is shared.

The source of pictures could come by any, from an internal directory to a protected web page. It could be from a PDF file or a Word file. Please go through the following locations and their copying methods to get your work done quickly.

How to Copy-Paste picture from 6 locations?

From Internal Folder

Making a copy of pictures from one folder/directory to another is the most straightforward task. Either you can copy-paste using the right context menu or drag and drop operation.


  1. Select required image file
  2. Right Click -> Copy ( or press Ctrl + C)
  3. Go to the destination directory or folder and again Right Click->Paste (or press Ctrl + V)
Simple Copy and Paste Operation
Using Right Click Context Menu

Method -2

  1. Open both source and destination folders.
  2. Select and hold left mouse click, then drag and drop a file in the destination folder
Copy and Paste Picture Using Drag & Drop
Using Drag and Drop

From Mobile Phone Memory

A few years back, it was difficult copying pictures from mobile phone memory to the computer storage drive. Special mobile drivers or PC suite was needed to access phone memory in the computer. After widespread android smartphones and preloaded mobile phone drivers in the Windows operating system, it became easy to plug and play mobile devices. It works just as we use Pendrive.

From Mobile Phone Memory
From Mobile Phone
  1. Attach and plug in your smartphone to the USB drive of the computer (Wait for few seconds, let driver automatically installed)
  2. Go to This PC, look for a mobile device under the “Devices and Drives” section, Open It.
  3. Open memory type applicable
  4. Go to directory of required picture and select ->Right Click-> Copy (or press Ctrl + C)
  5. Go to the destination folder (don’t close the source folder) and paste it (or press Ctrl + V)

From Web Page

Web pages are full of spectacular pictures, and some people have always wanted to save them.

From Web Page
From Web Page
  • Option-1: You can save the Image from the web page by using a right-click context menu. Right Click->Save Image as
  • Option-2: Right Click on Image-> Copy Image, then open Microsoft Paint (enter “MSPaint” in the run) and press Ctrl + V. Your Image will appear here. You can save it in the local folder.
  • Option-3: When right-click is disabled, you can take a screenshot or use the developer tool/addons to copy the Image. ( Read Full: How to Save Pictures From Copy Protected Websites?)

From Another Image

Copying an image or part of the picture from another file is an easy task. You will need a photo editor to do this. Microsoft’s pain is the most recommended tool for this. How every can you use other professional tools also.

From Another Image
Using MS Paint From another Image
  1. Open source picture file in MS Paint in edit mode
  2. Select image or part of an image using selection tool
  3. Paste in another MS Paint instance window
  4. Save the file as .jped or .png from pasted Paint window

From PDF File

You may have different types of pdf files. Some files are made from standard word or graphics documents, and they are easy to extract images from them. On the other hand, some files as a scan of the printed paper are a little creepy as image quality may be of low quality.

In both cases, you can use a screenshot, snipping tool, or right context menu

  1. Open PDF file
  2. Perform any one of following
    1. Press Print Screen key
    2. or take a snapshot using the Snipping tool
    3. or right-click on image->copy selected graphics
  3. Paste in MS Paint and save as an image file
From PDF File
Extract Using Online Tool : PDFcandy

Alternatively, you can use online tools to upload and extract all images. Try PDFcandy for the same.

From Word File

Word document containing images provides an option to save the image to local drive using right-click context menu.

Extract Image From Word File
From MS Word Document
  1. Open word document and select the required picture
  2. Right-click->Save as picture…
  3. Save it with the name you wanted.


JPEG and PNG are popular image formats. Lots of people want their image gallery of beautiful images. It is nothing wrong in making a copy of images for personal purpose in local storage drive. Above listed methods and suggested tools helps in doing this task.
Remember that when you decide to share it or use it in a commercial project, make sure you are not violating copyrights.

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