Imagine The Pixel 8 Pro Running iOS 17: Would You Buy It?

X (Twitter) is based on innovative ideas, some people just express it over a tweet but it later becomes an interesting thread. One such tweet caught my eye, and I found it interesting.

User @Neil_Sarg asked users what if the Pixel 8 Pro running iOS 17 would you buy it? which got over 9k views.

Here is my opinion,

Pixel 8 With iOS 17

The very first thing is iOS is specially built to work efficiently on Apple’s hardware. Hence, this fact may make this question a little bit void.

Even though, if we imagine this combination is happening. It will be a nightmare for Android addicts as they will be limited to specific apps for particular tasks.

In my opinion, people will no longer use this combination for a long time. Just like Android users apply “iOS Theme UI” on their device for a couple of months and then forgets it.

Finally, it will just experiment to satisfy the curiosity of ‘What if?” testing fascinating things in the mobile world.

And one last, the fan base of each thing will blame another one if something goes wrong (“As usually what happens!” 😹)

What do people think?

pixel 8 with ios17
Screenshot of X (Twitter) thread over Pixel 8 device with iOS 17 imagination

Holly – I like tech (@AnxiousHolly) expressed her thoughts on the concept with a single word, “cursed.” This sentiment reflects the skepticism many tech enthusiasts might have about such a mash-up.

Renato Stefanoaica (@renatostefanoa2) seemed to be more concerned about the aesthetics. He pointed out that the weather widget on the Pixel 8 Pro looked unusual with “chance of precipitation.” It’s a valid observation since iOS and Android often have distinct visual styles. Merging these styles harmoniously would be a design challenge.

Neil Sargeant (@Neil_Sarg) chimed in with a practical observation. He noted that the weather widget changes automatically when rain is due. This touches on the potential benefits of combining Google’s hardware prowess with iOS’s polished user experience. A marriage of the two could result in a device that offers the best of both worlds.

and, many users just replied “Nope! 🙈”

What do you think?

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