Evolve Cosmog into Solgaleo or Lunala in Pokemon Go

Cosmog looks like a floating cloud in dark blue and purple. It has arms that resemble light-blue cloud formations, a gold crescent around its body, and a black face with circular blue cheeks.

In the wild, like Nebby, Cosmog is curious and playful, but it’s too trusting. It approaches people without knowing their intentions. Nebby in the anime acts like a newborn—crying, sleeping a lot, and being a picky eater, preferring konipeto.

Evolving Cosmog in Pokémon GO

Evolving your Cosmog in Pokémon GO can be an exciting gaming journey. Cosmog is a unique and mysterious Pokémon that evolves into either Solgaleo or Lunala, both powerful Legendary Pokémon.

When stressed, Cosmog can create Ultra Wormholes to escape. It evolves into Cosmoem, which then evolves into different Pokémon:

  • Solgaleo in Sun, Ultra Sun, or Sword;
  • Lunala in Moon, Ultra Moon, or Shield.

How to evolve Cosmog in Pokémon GO

To evolve your Cosmog follow these steps,

  1. Collect Candy and Stardust by completing research tasks and catching Pokemon
  2. Walk with Cosmog as Buddy and earn candy
  3. Power Up Cosmog using earned stardust and candy
  4. Evolving into Solgaleo in the day or Lunala in the night

You will need 25 candies to evolve from Cosmog to Cosmeon and then more 100 candies to evolve Cosmoem further into Solgaleo or Lunala.

Restart the game if any glitch or error occurs during evolution.

Here is a detailed explanation of each step,

To evolve your Cosmog, you’ll need both Cosmog Candy and Stardust. You can obtain Cosmog Candy by catching and transferring Cosmogs or by completing certain research tasks during special events. Stardust is a resource you gather as you catch Pokémon, and you’ll need it to power up Cosmog before evolving it.

Set Cosmog as your Buddy Pokémon. By walking with it, you’ll earn Cosmog Candy over time. The distance you need to walk varies, but the more you walk, the more Candy you’ll gather. Remember, every step gets you closer to evolving Cosmog.

Before evolving, you’ll want to power up your Cosmog using Stardust and Candy. This will increase its CP (Combat Power) and make sure it’s ready for evolution. Just tap the Power Up button in your Pokémon’s details screen and watch it grow stronger.

evolving cosmog into cosmoem
Evolve Cosmog into Cosmoem

Cosmog evolves into either Solgaleo or Lunala depending on the time of day. If you evolve it during the day, it becomes Solgaleo, and if you evolve it during the night, it becomes Lunala. Simply tap the Evolve button when you’re ready, and witness the transformation!

evolving cosmog into the lunala
Cosmoem Evolved into Lunala Pokemon

Enjoy Your Legendary Pokémon:
Once your Cosmog evolves, you’ll have a majestic Solgaleo or Lunala by your side. These Legendary Pokémon are known for their strength and unique abilities. Make sure to use them in battles and show off your hard-earned and evolved Pokémon.

Remember, evolving Cosmog is a patient process that requires dedication and walking. Take your time, gather the resources, and watch your Cosmog become a legendary force to be reckoned with. Enjoy the adventure and the powerful Pokémon you’ll gain along the way!

So, get out there, catch those Cosmogs, and embark on your journey to Legendary evolution!

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