Are PowerPoint Templates Copyrighted?

The question of whether PowerPoint templates are copyrighted can be a bit complex, as it depends on various factors such as usage, purpose, and the specific terms set by template providers.

In this article, we will see different scenarios and explore the copyright rules of popular PowerPoint template providers.

Are PPT Templates Copyrighted?

It depends on where you downloaded the PowerPoint template. Most of the PPT templates are royalty-free for educational and personal use. But, in case of commercial use (where you are going to sell someone’s work) it will violate copyright.

But the fact is, you are never going to receive any copyright violation strike for personal usage as long as you get it from a valid source. But, the case may be different if you put it online and your online presence affects the original creator’s revenue.

Like on Envato or GraphicsHive, you have to purchase an extended license to sell PowerPoint templates or work to customers. You can not sell it as your own product.

Let’s see all those three PPT use scenarios,

1. Educational Purpose

Using PowerPoint templates for educational purposes, such as in classrooms or academic presentations, generally falls under the realm of fair use. Fair use allows limited usage of copyrighted materials without seeking explicit permission from the copyright owner.

However, it’s important to note that the extent of fair use can vary, and it’s advisable to give proper credit to the template source.

2. Non-Commercial Personal Use

For non-commercial and personal use, using PowerPoint templates is usually considered acceptable, as long as you’re not distributing or profiting from the templates themselves. Personal use could include creating presentations for family events, hobby-related discussions, or personal projects.

Still, it’s a good practice to check the terms of use provided by the template provider to ensure compliance.

3. Commercial Use

When it comes to commercial use, things get a bit more complex. Most PowerPoint templates are subject to copyright, and using them for commercial purposes – like business presentations or marketing materials – might require obtaining a license or permission from the copyright owner.

Some template providers offer licenses specifically tailored for commercial use, ensuring you have the legal right to incorporate the templates into your revenue-generating projects.

Images and Logos in PPT Templates

PPT templates contain images & icons which may be royalty-free, be sure before you put them online. But, in the case of brand logos, they are always copyrighted. You can use them but adhere to their brand logo usage criteria. Don’t customize them.

Copyright Rules from Top PPT Template Providers:

  1. Envato:
    Envato offers a marketplace for various digital assets, including PowerPoint templates. Their licenses vary, but typically they offer a Standard License for most templates, allowing you to use the templates in personal and commercial projects. However, it’s important to review the specific license terms for each template to ensure compliance.
  2. provides a wide range of PowerPoint templates. They offer licenses that differ based on the intended use. Their licenses usually specify the number of users, the scope of usage (personal, business, commercial), and the duration of use. Always review the license information for the specific template you’re interested in.
  3. SlidesGo:
    SlidesGo offers professionally designed PowerPoint templates. They provide templates under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. This license allows you to use, adapt, and share the templates even for commercial purposes, as long as you provide appropriate credit to SlidesGo.

The copyright status of PowerPoint templates depends on how you plan to use them. While educational and non-commercial personal use often fall within fair use, commercial use usually requires proper licensing or permission. Always read and understand the terms of use or licensing agreements provided by template providers to ensure that you’re using the templates in accordance with copyright laws and regulations.

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