Techy or Techie Which is Correct?

Are you a technology enthusiast or computer expert and confused about what term to use Techy or Techie? Don’t worry, lots of people want to know what it actually means and which one to use. There is a big discussion over these terms such as calling “Techie” good or bad.

techie or techy

If you are considering calling yourself “coders”, “hackers”, “creators”, or “technology enthusiasts” alternatively “techies” is a simple way to describe yourself and your devotion to technology. And then your “tech work”, “hacks”, “tricks” and “ideas” will be “techy” things. Let’s see about these words in more detail.

According to the San Francisco Chronicle a few years back. One interviewee from the Mission District said he preferred “hackers”, “makers” or “coders”. Techie, he thought, was designated “an outsider”. But, the question remains “is it really matter to everyone after the widespread acceptance of technology”.

Such words become positive when accepted widely. Like a nerd, geek, and hacker words are being used in similar terms. The word “techie” may not satisfy linguistic experts but it sounds mean when describing a technology enthusiast’s person in the written description.

Some people say this term is more relevant for worker-level technically skilled people. But they are still people. It is observed that this term is more suitable for describing an unknown technically sound person instead of a “software engineer” when we don’t have a clue about his qualifications.

Meaning of Techy

It is the adjective: characterized by technological sophistication

As per the Oxford English Dictionary, the first recorded use of the “techy” word was in 1969, in a publication called Current Slang. Here is one example of the word “techy” used on the internet by a team member of Popular Science online magazine in their article updated on 22 July 2021.

Meaning of Techie

It is the Informal noun: a person who is an expert in or enthusiastic about technology, especially computing and high technology.

According to the Cambridge dictionary, a techie is someone who knows a lot about computers or other electronic equipment. Here is one example from the internet used by Forbes expert panel members in their article published on 22 June 2021.

Techy vs. Techie – What’s the difference?

The difference between a techie and a techy is that a techie is a person who works on the technical side of events while a techy is technical. Both are related to each other. A techie is a person, in another hand techy is a technology in which a techie is an expert.

techy or techie google trend
Screenshot of Google Trend Showing Popularity of Two Words

Both words are mostly used in terms of computer and technology geek. Since the last few years, technological things have been more mentioned over the internet than tech people, you can observe from the above graph that “techy” is being used more time than “techie”.

Techy or Techie which one is correct?

Feeling bad for being called techie is an old story. Using this term to someone having knowledge of technology is now a common thing. It doesn’t feel that bad like a hacker as it needs to use the “ethical hacker” word to distinguish itself from the bad one.

Using techie or techy depends on to whom you describing. While techie is correct for the person and techy is for an idea or things.
For example,
Techie Example: ” Call him, he is a techie guy. He will fix this.”
Techy Example: ” Fixing such problems will need some kind of techy solution.”


Myths around techy and techie words fainted away with time. You can use any of these words while describing a technology person or thing without hesitation. You can see, this blog name is also using the “techie” word. ????

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