What is National Techies Day?

National Techies Day on October 3rd, encourages students to consider the possibility of a career in technology. With the abundance of opportunities available in the rapidly growing field of technology that students looking to pursue careers in technology will discover promising opportunities everywhere they look.

It is a kind of refreshment in techie people’s social and corporate connections. This refreshment will encourage people around you and help pop up job and business opportunities around. This will temporarily remove barriers and distances between technology enthusiasts.

When is National Techies Day and where it is celebrated?

October 3rd is National Techies Day in the United States. Although, tech-savvy people around people started showing interest in it. It is been nearly 25 years since it is invented but didn’t get the spotlight as compared to cyber days.

You can celebrate National Techie Day in your tech firm, company, college, or science school. Where you should be an ambassador of technology and the people behind it to encourage and province opportunities to them.

national techies day
National Techie Day Celebration in School

What is National Techies Day?

What Is National Techies Day?
This refers to the day where the accomplishments of technology people such as computer scientists, software developers, IT personnel, and other technology related professionals are recognised and celebrated. Usually observed on the third Tuesday in October, this has been in existence since its establishment in 1998 to recognize the efforts made by techies in the industry. It’s a day for appreciating the role played by technology people in our society and also to sensitize society on the need of technology to our daily living.

It’s National Techies Day – a day where we honor all the hard workers in the tech industry that keep everything running smoothly for us! The techies are key players in the growth of software, hardware, and other technical products and services and have an impact on the advancements happening within different fields.

National Techies Day calls on technology professionals to narrate about their experiences, expertise and understanding as well as to popularize technology significance to human life. For instance, many techies celebrate this day in order to meet and exchange ideas with others who work in the same field.

Importance of Techie Day

Just like on National Teachers’ Day, National Techies Day should be used to celebrate and show appreciation for technicians but also to draw attention to the significance of technical education and training. They typically are technologists with an advanced degree in computer science or other areas, who specialize in this domain of software development. The observance of National Techies Day serves to promote technology education and inspire many people into becoming tech professionals thus adding to the growth and development of the field of technology.

Internet is everywhere – powerful. With the World Wide Web in Our Pocket, We Are Moving! Smartphones have become so intelligent that they can even communicate with us, regulate our possessions, and monitor family security. These progresses are due to the technologies being developed and those that operate, implement, and use them.

This growth has translated into a further increase in the demand for technology-wise individuals. Thus, this means that the idea of National Techies Day wants the youths to be keen on taking up jobs in the technology sector.

Over time, the notion of a day was slightly altered. In 1998, National Techies Day was founded by Techies.com (since closed) and the CNET Networks as an effort aimed at promoting career opportunities within the field of technology and IT. Nevertheless, nowadays, numerous specialists in high technology use this very day to honor all sorts of professional accomplishments, but mainly those in engineering.

National Techies Day marks the rising significance of technology in modern-day living by promoting the technology profession to the nation.

Some tech facts to celebrate National Techie Day

  • It is believed that the Android OS was initially created by a techie to work with digital cameras and not mobile phones.
  • There is a higher chance that the users of mobile phones are more than the number of people who uses toothbrush daily.
  • Russian techies developed an electronic computer that operated on the water in 1936.
  • These days there are so many invincible Techies around us that we started to ignore them.
  • If we see the top richest people in the world, the list is full of techie people.
  • A techie person has the power to change the world in many aspects without getting involved in politics or ruling.
  • Techie people have more potential to quickly become wealthy with little investment of time and money.

What is the best way to Celebrate National Techies Day:

There are several other ways of celebrating Techie Day but aside from sharing selfie and #TechieDay, one can try any of these.

  • You may share such kind of information through social networks as it concerns with techy related job ads in your company. Teach college & high school students to code!
  • Techies, have fun. This is your day. Get ready to embrace that techi world of creativity and revolutions. You can also share one thing you liked from your favorite technological leaders using the social media platform.
  • Thank all the techies that you know.
  • Discover more about technology. Select a topic/subject you enjoy. Why do you want to learn a programmng language? Do you like computer hardware? Create something unique – be curious!

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