How to Hide Text in Discord Using Spoiler Marks

Discord is a fantastic platform for communication, whether you’re chatting with friends, participating in a gaming session, or collaborating with colleagues. Sometimes, you may want to share information or messages that you’d like to keep a surprise or hide from prying eyes. That’s where spoiler marks come in handy.

In this article, I’ll show you how to use spoiler marks in Discord to hide text until it’s intentionally revealed.

What Are Spoiler Marks?

Spoiler marks in Discord are a way to conceal text or content within a message. When you use spoiler marks, the text appears as a grayed-out or blurred message and other users can choose to reveal it by clicking on it. This feature is perfect for sharing spoilers about movies, TV shows, games, or any other content you don’t want to spoil for others.

How to Use Spoiler Marks in Discord

There are two ways you can use spoiler marks in Discord by selecting the message and then clicking on the spoiler (eye icon) from the hover tool menu. Alternatively to hide a particular text portion just use double bars (“||”) on both sides of the intended text.

Here is a real example screenshot,

spoilers to hide message in discord
Spoiler in Discord to hide the message.

In this way, you can surprise the recipient by hiding text and images. The receiver has to click or touch on the spoiler to see the hidden message.

Here is how it works,

  1. Sender warsps message in two vertical bar lines like this: ||This is a hidden message.||
  2. Receiver users will see the text blurred or grayed out. To reveal it, they can simply click or touch on the hidden message.
  3. The hidden message becomes visible.

Tips for Using Spoiler Marks Effectively

  • Respect Others: Always be considerate of others when using spoiler marks. Don’t ruin the surprise for those who haven’t experienced the content yet.
  • Provide Context: If you’re sharing a spoiler, it’s a good idea to provide some context or a warning about what it relates to.
  • Custom Emojis: You can also use custom emojis alongside spoiler marks to make your hidden messages more engaging.

Spoiler marks in Discord are a handy tool to keep your conversations exciting without giving away too much information. Whether you’re discussing the latest movies, games, or TV shows, using spoiler ensures that everyone can enjoy the content at their own pace. So go ahead and add an element of surprise to your Discord chats by mastering the art of spoiler marks! 😄🎉

I hope this article helps you understand how to hide text in Discord effectively! If you have any more questions or need further assistance, feel free to ask.

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