How to Create a Border in MS Paint

Adding a stylish border to your images can make them pop and enhance their overall appeal. On the Windows operating system, Microsoft Paint can do this very quickly.

In this guide, I have given the steps to create a border around your images in MS Paint, using simple shapes and tricks.

Using Shapes for Borders

One of the easiest ways to create a border around your image is by using the Shapes tool. Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Select the “Rectangle” Shape: First, open your image in MS Paint. Then, select the “Rectangle” shape from the toolbar.
  2. Draw Your Border: Click and drag to draw a rectangle around your image, starting from the upper-left corner to the lower-right corner. This rectangle will serve as your border.
  3. Customize Your Border: You can customize your border in a couple of ways:
frame in ms paint using rectangle
Screenshot of MS Paint to draw a rectangle as frame border.
  • Thickness: You can adjust the thickness of your border according to your preference.
  • Color: You can also choose the color of your border. If the initial color doesn’t quite suit your image, don’t worry. MS Paint has a “Fill with color” tool that allows you to change it.

After drawing your border, you can further enhance your image as needed. Don’t forget to save your masterpiece!

Paste Into a Larger Canvas

Sometimes, using the Shapes tool might cover parts of your image with the border. If you want to keep your entire image visible while still having a border, follow these steps:

  1. Copy Your Image: Select your image and copy it. This copy will be stored in your computer’s clipboard.
  2. Create a Larger Canvas: Remove the image, leaving a blank canvas behind. Resize this canvas by dragging the bottom-right corner to make it larger.
  3. Paste and Center Your Image: Paste the copied image back onto the canvas. Make sure to center it within the canvas to leave some space around the edges for your border.
  4. Customize the Border: Just like with the Shapes method, you can use the “Fill with color” tool to change the border color to your liking.
image frame in mspaint
The screenshot of MS Paint and the Image is Placed Over a Larger Canvas To Make a Border Frame

📸 Quick Tips:

  • Always save your work before making changes to avoid losing your original image.
  • Experiment with different border thicknesses and colors to find the perfect style for your image.
  • You can copy the image over another image and then crop it to give a custom background frame.

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