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Difference Between the HTTP/3 and HTTP/2 Protocols

HTTP/3 is latest upcoming version of the HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol). HTTP is used to exchange information on the World Wide Web (WWW). HTTP protocols keep improving to deliver better internet services, and it’s the 3rd-time since it was evolved for the first time in …

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[Updated] BSNL Air Fibre Plans

Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) has recently rolled out Bharat AirFibre targeting rural areas to provide internet connectivity. The Bharat AirFibre service is part of BSNL’s plan to provide internet connectivity to rural areas but it is different from its existing BharatFibre service. What is …

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[Fixed] Excel Cannot Break Links Issue

Trying to break excel links but excel can not break links? It may be because you have referred external file in the data source of excel objects or validations. Excel warning messages become a headache if excel cannot break links when tried. In normal cases, …

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Where Was the First Computer Installed in India?

The first computer installed in India was at Indian Statistical Institute, Calcutta (now called Kolkata), in 1955. Remember here that the first computer developed and installed are both different. Initially, Indian scientist was struggling to build Indian origin computer. Later in 1991, Indian scientists shocked …

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Why are There So Many Google Chrome Processes?

Curious about so many google chrome processes in task manager? It could be because of lots of opened tabs or heavy object embedded web pages. Increased number of processes negatively affects multitasking performance. This issue is not just associated with google chrome. Other chromium process …

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How to Enable Reader Mode in Opera Browser

Opera reader mode helps to read articles without distraction. Ads, sidebar content, sticky menu, and footer may distract reading. Chromium and lots of mobile browsers now support dark and light reader mode. Reader Mode is reading lovers most wanted a feature that removes clutter, ads, …

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Beware of Windows Security Scam

Thousands of people get caught in the Microsoft Windows Security Scam every month. As per Microsoft’s blog, they receive about 6,500 complaints every month from people who’ve been victims of windows support scams. Scammers always look for a fresh batch of internet users to extort money. …

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Windows Techies: Real & Scam’s All You Need to Know

Looking for genuine Microsoft windows techies and fearing falling into the windows techies scam? As per Microsoft’s blog, every month, they receive about 6,500 complaints from people who’ve been victims of tech support scams, which is down from 13,000 reports in an average month in …

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How to Find BSNL Number Using USSD Code

Just purchased a new BSNL sim and don’t know how to find your number? Don’t worry; you only have to dial *222# USSD code from your mobile. It will return you an alert message with your 10 digit number. Since this method is currently working …

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Techy or Techie Which is Correct?

Are you a technology enthusiast or computer expert and confused about what term to use Techy or Techie? Don’t worry, lots of people want to know what it actually means and which one to use. There is a big discussion over these terms such as …

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Install Snap Change in Progress

The package installation process in a snap can be stuck sometimes. This results in an ” unable to install snap change in progress ” error. A snap is a bundle of an app and its dependencies that works without change across many different Linux-based distributions like Ubuntu, …

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