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Top Apps To Improve Your Productivity

The use of computer technology made everything faster and more accurate. What if the same technology distracting you from using technology more productively. These apps will help you improve your productivity by helping to focus on what matters. Getting organized and setting task priorities is …

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Remove Baidu Antivirus Completely From Your Computer

Don’t know how Baidu Antivirus came into your computer, and now you want to remove Baidu Antivirus completely? We have seen lots of people struggling to uninstall it, but the uninstaller won’t work. It could be a tricky process if you already failed to uninstall it …

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How to Install RICOH Printer Drivers Without CD

Eventually, you may get a RICOH printer without installation media (CD). If this happens, you have to install the RICOH printer driver without a CD. For this, you have to download and install it from the Internet. In this post, we will see how to …

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Top 5 Best Freelancing Sites for Beginners

After the worldwide pandemic, more people are looking for freelance workers to get their work done within the budget. Hence there is a global boost in remote jobs. These top 5 freelancing websites help both freelance job seekers and employers. As a freelancer, you have …

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Best New Recruiting Tools to Find Right Talent

The new talent recruitment process can be timely and expensive. Best new recruiting tools can make your hiring task smarter. Hiring the right talent process can long up to months and it takes lots of work such as contacting, sorting, and keeping track of evaluations. Nothing …

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How to create VPN Using CISCO Packet Tracer 5.3

This tutorial is to create and test a VPN Using Cisco Packet Tracer. This is tested in Packet Tracer Version 5.3. The latest CISCO Packet Tracer version may differ in some aspects. Steps to create VPN Using Cisco Packet Tracer 5.3 The following steps include …

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Why phone battery draining fast?

Power is the backbone and most important part of the technology. Everyday tech gadget including our mobile phone needs mobile power supply. No doubts, many of us asking question why phone battery draining fast? Since, mobile phone is most important gadget, And battery backup is …

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Top 5 Accounting Software for Your Business

If you own a business you are the one who knows very well the importance of finance management. Managing a business without accounting software is a very difficult task. Things can become complicated if accounts are not kept properly. This top 5 accounting software will …

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How to Auto Clear Browsing History Chrome

It is not always in our favor to keep long browsing history on the computer. We can set auto-delete of cookies in chrome browser but auto-clear browsing history in chrome is quite difficult without extension. Here some google chrome extensions are listed which can help …

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Set Up Blogspot Custom Domain

It is very easy and cost-saving to connect the TLD domain to blogspot. Here is the procedure for how you can set up Blogspot custom domain. In the following tutorial, we have connected www.techiesdiary.com domain to immux.blogspot.com blogger blog for demo purpose. At the time …

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Business Card Scanner App Android

A growing business is the only thing everyone wants. The contact list always grows with the business. In this article “Business Card Scanner App Android” listed apps will help you quickly scan and save business contacts. It is easy and faster to scan cards with …

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Free HOXX VPN for Firefox

Why to buy expensive VPN service when you can have best free VPN for firefox browser. Hoxx VPN Firefox is totally free VPN browser addon. You don’t have to spend any money to use this. Browsing internet without configuring any VPN settings or proxy server …

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