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[Fixed] Your Firefox Profile Cannot be Loaded

Tried to open firefox, and it displayed the pop-up message “Your Firefox profile cannot be loaded. It may be missing or inaccessible”. It means that the Firefox browser cannot find or access the folder that stores your profile. This error also occurs if the Windows cache is deleted, …

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site blocked

How to access adf.ly in India

Adf.ly has been blocked in India. Using some tricks we can access adf.ly in India. These three methods include accessing its secured version and accessing through an alternative subdomain. Anyway, in the future, we may not need these tricks. Because the use of adf.ly links …

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How to Easily Change Instagram Name?

Some social platforms don’t allow you to change your username, But, you can change Instagram name. You may alter your Instagram every time you need to, as many as you want. Many Instagram user don’t set their username distinct. They let create a username to …

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