How to run Turbo C full screen in post XP operating system (Vista & Seven)

Post XP OS like windows vista and windows 7 doesn’t support full screen mode of MS-DOS so we are unable to run Turbo C like MS-DOS programs with full screen mode, the solution is here…

1]. Simply go to the site:

Here is the one application called DOS BOX Emulator which allows to emulate MS DOS full screen:
Download DOS BOX Emulator application as your system architecture supported.
> Then install it into the your system
> Follow the instructions (I think you can do it)
> Mount your drive and start using MS-DOS with full screen mode..
> If you are using laptop, you may need to configure keyboard (Refer Help in DOS BOX itself)
2]. Go to the device manager Control Panel ->Device Manager
> Simply Disable Your Display Adapter
> Run-> type CMD Hit ENTER
> Run Your MS DOS Application, e.g. TC.exe
> Enable Display Adapter after your work finished…
* Note: This trick is not supported by lower graphics user it may cause unexpected display error which can be recovered by enabling Display adapter in safe mode.
3]. Start your PC in safe mode and then try to run Turbo-C or Command Prompt It Will Run in full screen mode.
* Still final perfect solution is not available because all above tricks are error prone is some cases, If you have any other please do comments…
4]. There is one concept called virtual OS , means running another OS while running mother OS,
to read this in deep and running XP virtually in vista or Windows 7 to run TC in full screen without DOS BOX please refer this article: Click

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