Take Ownership in Right Click Menu

     Many times we need to take ownership of the system files to modify them. For example to change windows log on screen we need to replace authui.dll file but system not allow to easily modify them for that we have to take ownership of that file. ]

     In some case virus or virus infected files property is changed to system file also in such case we have to do same operation with file which is step by step procedure. Normal user cannot do this or it may forget the procedure. Experienced user also gets tired by doing same things again and again.
This all file properties are associated with file we can change it by using registry operations. 

     We can add Take Ownership option to our right click menu.

Here is the procedure.

  1] Download following file [TakeOwnership.rar]

  2] Extract it

  3] Run ‘AddTakeOwnership.reg ‘to create this option

  And ‘RemoveTakeOwnership.reg’ to remove this option.

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