How To Build Lowyer or Attorney Firm Website

Creating a website is not as hard as it sounds when you have the right tools to do it. The easiest way to build a great legal website quickly is by using WordPress, which is a very popular platform that allows you to create any type of website. It has plenty of Premium site themes to choose from, and you can add all sorts of functionality to your site easily with the help of plugins.

To start law firm website you have to choose from following platforms
  1. Build website & host at Blue host [affiliate link]
  2. Build with Website Builder
  3. Purchase Domain & Park to Blog (Cheapest)
lets start,

[ 1 ] Build website with word press and host at blue host

  1. Purchase basic hosting pakage at bluehost website [affiliate link] & setup your hosting account
  2. Register your desired domain name
  3. Install & set up word press on hosted account
  4. Install suitable theme to your law firm. ( see beautifull themes at themeforest [affiliate link])
  5. Create home, contact page, post your firm information.

[ 2 ] Build law firm website with site builder

  1. Go to [affiliate link] they have pre-built template , search for law firm websites templates
  2. Signup for account
  3. Choose template or directly start editing this law firm website template [affiliate link]
  4. Build website & pages with wix site builder

[ 3 ] Redirect your domain to blog

  1. Create blog at
  2. Setup blogger template that looks like firm website
  3. Purchase only domain name from blue host [affiliate link]
  4. Redirect or park your domain to your blog. ( go to Blogger dashboard->Settings->Basic->Publishing)

Sample Website

1. Birken Law


2.Small Law

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