How Patching or Modding Android APK File Works ?

 What is the Patch?

A patch is a piece of software designed to update a computer program or it’s supporting data and operating system, to fix or improve it.

What is Patching?

A patching is the procedure of improving and changing the execution or working of the software/ app by applying patch or the fix. In other term, illegally bypassing security check, activations to get unauthorized access to restricted usage of software is also called as patching.

What is Modding APK?

Modding is the procedure of replacing or bypassing the executable instruction set or code of APK (Android Package) file. Modding is done by third-part application which can edit android application package.

What is difference in Patching and Modding?

Patching is the replacing original executable file or supporting data with improved or updated one, whether Modding is making changes/ modifications is existing executable file and supporting data. Modding needs advanced knowledge of instruction set and APK base code.

Where Patching is Used?

Patches are often released by developer to update existing installation to upgrade or fix determined issues. For example windows hotfix are some kind of patches. Pirated software’s, games uses patches to bypass activation procedures.

Where Modding is Used?

Modding is used mostly in modifying android applications to bypass in app purchase and activation code block.

How Patching Works?

  1. Files from installation which contains bug or problem is identified.
  2. Then new file with same characteristics with fixed problem is created.
  3. Old file is then replaced by fixed (updated patch) file.

How Modding Works?

  1. Instruction set or code which causing problem is identified by the third-party editing application/ software.
  2. Those problematic code, section or the block of executable instruction is replace by new working instructions.
  3. Some time they are just bypassed by placing jump statements.

Benefits of Patching

  • We just need to replace patched file, or most time patch comes with self-executable file, just like installation package.
  • No need to reinstall updated whole software package.
  • No need to have advanced technical, coding knowledge.

Benefits of Modding

  • Modding do not need to replace with new file,
  • Needs just third party app.

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