[Solved] Unable to Break External Links in Excel

We use external links to fetch data from the other excel files. It is very useful to get data processed by different people. In my organization, we are using 7-8 interconnected workstations. They are from different departments. We use external links connected to collect and validate data from those workstations.

Recently to create a separate file for this new year, I renamed old files and copied last year file. After renaming old file used external links stopped working. The solution was to break all those invalid links and update with the fresh one. So, I tried to break all old links and surprised...! The excel file won't break those links, even after clicking on break button.

Appeared error message while opening the file

2nd Link was causing the problem

I failed to break links from general Edit Link option provided under Data tab.

I searched for the solution on the internet excel forum and got the clue for the solution.

Reported Similar Problem on Excel Forum

Solution to the given problem.
As per this solution provided at excel forum, links used in cell validation list becomes external links. This external links used in cell validation cannot be braked from the edit link option. They have to be cleared from those cells set for the cell validation. To solve this problem follow these steps

1. go to the cell, column or row  which is configured for validation

2. then go to the Data Tab-> Data Validation

3. Click on Clear All -> Ok

I cleared external links from data validation dialog.

here you can see the external link I used from x:/ is removed.

External links after removal.

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