11 Best PC Wallpaper Sites

Working on PC for a long time and getting bored? Get some cool wallpapers from Best PC Wallpaper Sites. Millions of free stunning beautiful wallpapers are available to download. Thousands of cool wallpapers are added daily. Search and download what you like most. You can also get many wallpapers under the same category. For, example If you look for wallpapers under the “space” category, you will get thousands of beautiful high-quality HD wallpapers free.

Let’s see the following list of top best free PC wallpapers provider sites,

1 Pexels.com


Pixels is a stock image site from Canva and was founded by Bruno Joseph. Pixels is the love of free stock image seekers. Thousands of creative and professional stock images that can fit your desktop background. These PC wallpapers will make your desktop look professional.

2 Socwall.com


Social wallpaper site has thousands of PC desktop wallpapers to download free of cost. You can browse and upload wallpapers. These PC wallpapers also have rating features, so you can sort by likes.

3 Pixabay.com


Pixabay.com is a website for sharing images, illustrations, vectors, video footage, and music, exclusively under the custom Pixabay license, which generally allows the free use of the material with some limitations. You can download any PC wallpaper free of cost for personal use.

4 Wallpaperstock.net


Wallapers stock website shares High Definition PC wallpapers for download. You can search and download wallpapers in various resolutions. The category includes 3D, animated, nature, space, and much more.

5 Vladstudio.com


Vlad studio website has both free and paid wallpapers. Believe me, there are very gorgeous animated wallpapers you will surely love it. You can download up to 7 free premium PC wallpapers and then you can only download a free one.

6 Hdwallpapers.net


This is one of the best PC wallpaper sites available on the internet. Go to their site and look for your wallpaper in the popular section. They are hand-picked and daily updated. The site has thousands of cool wallpapers to download under tech and abstract categories.

7 Bing Wallpapers

Bing Wallpapers

Do you ever wonder search background of bing.com? You can have that gorgeous wallpaper right to tour PC wallpaper. Bing wallpaper changes every day. Each wallpaper has its own story. You can download their wallpaper app. This app will change your PC wallpaper every day.

8 Desktopnexus.com


Desktop nexus is an old wallpaper downloading website. It has 16 million-plus wallpapers to download free of cost. You can signup for free. Search and explore PC desktop wallpapers in #beautifu, #cute, #flowers, #pretty, #birds and much more categories. You can browse the topic or keyword-wise wallpapers gallery on this website.

9 Alpha.wallhaven.cc


Wall haven website has HD landscape and animated wallpapers collection. This site also has its own forum community. Top PC wallpaper categories are #nature, #anime, #digital art and #landscape. You can also upload your wallpaper to this website.

10 Wall.alphacoders.com


Alpha coders wallpaper site hosting over 9 million personal computer wallpapers. It has a great collection of Video Game Wallpapers, Dragon Wallpapers, etc. Images have like, views, and comment attributes.

11 Wallpaperscraft.com


Wallpapers craft has a great collection of animals and flowers wallpapers. you can download it on your mobile phone using their android app as well ad from a PC browser. Regular updates are available on the wallpaper crafts Instagram account.

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