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Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) has recently rolled out Bharat AirFibre targeting rural areas to provide internet connectivity. The Bharat AirFibre service is part of BSNL’s plan to provide internet connectivity to rural areas but it is different from its existing BharatFibre service.

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What is BSNL Bharat AirFibre Service?

BSNL Air Fibre Plans
BSNL’s Bharat AirFibre Service | Source : DrishtiIAS

Bharat Air fiber is a wireless broadband internet connection. It is is now being built through laying optical fiber, BSNL Bharat Air fiber sounds like BSNL FTTH service but there is a lot of difference in their connection and network.

The new Bharat AirFibre service and existing BharatFibre service may sound similar but they ade different. Existing service is FTTH wire based and new one is completely wireless. To achieve target of connecting 2.5 lakh gram panchayats BSNL had started to expand its fibre connectivity in villages with BharatNet and the AirFibre.

How AirFibre works?

As per the comment from BSNL director, the new Bharat Air Fibre service will work on the unlicensed spectrum that has not been licensed to any entity as of now. Also, since this unlicensed spectrum has very less radio interference, the quality of relay is expected to be better for the subscribers in villages where there is very less disturbance for these airwaves.

BSNL Bharat AirFibre Plans

BSNL is providing wide verity of new plans for Bharat AirFibre service as following,

Facility / Plan Name
AirFibre Basic Plan
AirFibre Basic Plus Plan
AirFibre Value Plan
AirFibre Premium Plan
Air Fibre Ultra Plan
Air Fibre Ultra Plus Plan
Bandwidth/SpeedUp to 30 Mbps till 3300 GB,
After that 2 Mbps
Up to 40 Mbps till 3300 GB,
After that 4 Mbps
Up to 50 Mbps till 3300GB,
After that 6 Mbps
Up to 70 Mbps till 3300GB,
After that 10 Mbps
Up to 80 Mbps till 5000GB,
After that 15 Mbps
Up to 80 Mbps till 7500GB,
After that 15 Mbps
Monthly Cost (Rs.)Fixed Rs. 499/-Fixed Rs. 699/-Fixed Rs. 899/-Fixed Rs. 1199/-Fixed Rs. 2995/-Fixed Rs. 6995/-
Annual Plan (Rs.) Rs. 5,988/-Rs. 8,388/-Rs. 10,788/-Rs. 14,388/-Rs. 35,940/-Rs. 83,940/-
Download LimitUnlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited

Some of above services is already started in April, 2021 and remaining will be initiated from July, 2021. All of above plans have yearly subscription with free 1 month service.

How to Subscribe Bharat AirFibre Plans

You can visit nearest BSNL service office to apply for this service. Otherwise you can book it from BSNL’s Fiber Connection Booking Portal. Enter your details such as name, phone number, email etc. You will receive OTP to verify your mobile number. Enter OTP and proceed for registration.

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