Some Useful Websites on the Internet

Here is a list of some useful websites on the Internet that will make your day. Most of them were made on the theme of creativity. Following useful websites will make you more productive. They will help you solve your daily problems. So, go through them, site names are linked to their website.

List of useful websites


This cooking and recipes-related useful website allow search Recipes by Ingredients. So, you can search for your next dish that includes “mushroom”.


This website allows you to write a note to someone that will destroy itself once he reads it.


Solve any kind of math equation online. Quite helpful to solve your child’s homework.


Feeling alone at home, Get free murmur sounds from this website.


This website is useful for creative people. You can convert youtube videos to GIF on this website.

6 Deadmansswitch

Send emails when you are dead

7 Live radio from Map 

Just put your finger on green dots indicating places to hear the FM radio of that place.


Snapchat for File sharing

9 Snapdrop

Send Files on devices connected on same network

10 PopCornTime â€“

Watch Free Movie and TV Shows instantly

11 Smallpdf â€“

For all your PDF needs you can imagine

12 PrintFriendly â€“

Print any web page in a print friendly format

13 â€“

Just open the website and you will be logged out of all accounts instantly

14 â€“

Install all Required software at Once Install and update all selected useful programs at once on your PC.

15 â€“

Copy paste special character

16 â€“

Learn new languages for free and in an Interesting way

17 â€“

Schedule yourself a reminder on your Phone

18 â€“

Write yourself a Future email

19 â€“

Discover a new way of reading Just go to this website and drag the link given to the browser. Now whenever you go to a website just click on that bookmark. You have just discovered a new way of reading.

20 â€“

Choose which software you should remove from Your PC

21 â€“

Find out Older version of Any Software

22 â€“

Print exactly what you Like in a Page

23 â€“

Find free things in your town which people are willing to give away

24 â€“

Computational Search for your Keywords

25 â€“

Just plain sounds to help you sleep You can also set Sleep timer to stop it after you sleep.

26 â€“

Price Drop Alert for Big e-Commerce websites

27 Record your message â€“

Record your Message as You Type it.

28 â€“

Periodic Table Made Easy

29 â€“

Free login id and password for every website

30 â€“

Just draw and mark on Google maps and share them

31 â€“

Send Video emails

32 â€“

Find Rhyme for any word ! Cool tool for poets

33 â€“

Send large Files up to 2 GB for free

34 â€“

Schedule your friend or son a wake up call

35 â€“

find out which URL is behind any short url

36 MIT App Inventor â€“

Build Apps without any coding Knowledge

37 qClock â€“

Find Local time of a place

38 PdfEditor â€“

Edit PDF online

39 â€“

Cool timer for major events like birthdays, new year or anything important

40 Free Rice â€“

Donate rice while improving vocabulary

41 Wikipedia Nearby â€“

Wikipedia articles based on Your Location, Good for travelers.

42 â€“

Delete text from images

43 â€“

Simultaneously search username availability at all websites

44 MailDrop â€“

Quick disposable email address to let you sign up at not so useful websites

45 pixlr–

Photoshop Your images Online

46 â€“ 

Collection of direct links to delete your profile at websites

47 Bored Button â€“

Feeling Bored, click the red button to get a Random thing every time on the website

48 â€“

Find out When you should go to bed for sleeping

49 â€“

Find out whether your email is leaked in past hack attacks

50 â€“

Use Microsoft Paint like software online

51 â€“

Read Magazines for free

52 â€“

Find eBay items with typing errors and thus low bid

53 â€“

Automatically applies best coupons when you check out of any shopping website

54 â€“

Find Outfits and fashion same as worn by stars on TV shows

55 â€“

Find Hotels and rank them according to wi-fi speed. Good for Internet loving travelers.

56 Coursera â€“

Free Online Courses

57 Codecademy â€“

Learn Coding for free

58 â€“

Find cheapest flights in nearest date range

59 â€“

Live Flight Tracker

60 â€“

Phone notification on your desktop

61 Corrupt-a-file â€“

Missing deadline ? now corrupt the file from this website and send to your boss or teacher.

62 â€“

find out your eating location mingled with the F word

63 â€“

A Heaven for documentary lovers

64 Archive movies â€“

Watch Free Films and documentaries

65 â€“

Paste any text instantly

66 â€“

Decompress files online for various formats

67 â€“

Scan Files Before installing. For suspicious files

68 â€“

Create live audio broadcast

69 –

Quick and Effective minutes of a meeting

70 â€“

Watch youtube in a TV mode

71 â€“

Make Cool videos by just dragging pics, videos etc. with pre-made themes available

72 â€“

Find meanings of slang and Modern used words

73 â€“

Draw Useful Diagrams online and save to your PC

74 â€“

Track your Shipment on Google Maps

75 â€“

Create and save Vector Graphics Online

76 â€“

Random Chat With Strangers Anonymously

77 â€“

Easily share and send files with your friend

78 â€“

Send Free Fax Online

79 â€“

Remember the name of the song

80 Google Translate â€“

Translate anything

81 â€“

Create Paintings Online

82 â€“

Planning an event like wedding, Tour or Meetup, Find out which date works best for all.

83 â€“

Create Melodious Music Online in Browser

84 â€“

Record Your desktop and share to Youtube

85 â€“

Cool site for Designing your Home in 3D

86 â€“

Access website using Tor Without using Tor on your computer

87 â€“

Download Free e Books

88 â€“  

Download Videos, Podcast, Music from almost any URL for offline use

89 â€“

Check Grammar and spellings

90 BugMeNot â€“

Public directory for user id and passwords from sites

91 â€“

Edit documents in real-time in Group

92 â€“

Download from over 45,000 free ebooks

93 Memrise â€“

Learn to Memorize things

94 Hemingwayapp â€“

Write Better with this app.

95 Libreoffice â€“

Free ms office alternative

96 â€“

Get Notified when someone Read Your sent mails.

97 Live Radio â€“

Listen to Worldwide Shortwave Radio Broadcast

98 WebCam Toy â€“

Fun effects with your webcam

99 PixaBay â€“

Pixabay is a world-famous free stock image website. It provides a huge collection of copy right Free Images for you.

There are thousands of websites that can be categorized into specific productive tasks. Hope some of above website made your day.

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