How to access in India has been blocked in India. Using some tricks we can access in India. These three methods include accessing its secured version and accessing through an alternative subdomain.

Why do people use links?

Almost everyone hates those links and ads on it. It is always risky to click on such links. But, this is also the fact that publishers monetize their content with links which we need. Most games and apps’ mod version downloads are linked to such links. The publisher earns up to $5 per 1000 views of ads placed in between those links.

adfly link earning screenshot Earning Dashboard

Why is AdFly blocked in India?

Despite the risk of malware people want to click that link because they can’t access the download page without clicking. Considering such browsing issues, the Department of Communication of India (DOT) has ordered Internet Service Providers (ISP) to block unsecured domains of We can’t say this ban is temporary or permanent.

3 Tricks to access from India.

One can access shortened URL by three tricks one by accessing it over HTTPS, using V2 subdomain. and using a custom DNS server.

Access over HTTPS

blocked url
Blocked Simple link

You can see non-accessible shortened domain URL doesn’t contain HTTPS. Just put “https://” before the URL and hit enter

accesible url
Accesible Link with https://

Access using V2 sub domain

How to access in India
Access using V2 subdomain

Put V2 before shortened URL just like we type ‘www’ before any website URL. This will open a website using’s sub domain.

Access using alternative DNS setting

ipv4 setting
IPV4 DNS Server setting

Open Internet Protocol 4 (TCP/IPv4) Properties by entering “ncpa.cpl” in the run command then going to the properties of the current active adapter. Now set the preferred DNS server to and the alternative DNS server to . These DNS servers are not under your ISPs, so they will allow you to connect website.

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