Turn your windows 10 PC in to the WiFi Hotspot


Windows 10 comes with Wi-Fi Hotspot feature. It is very easy to start Wi-Fi hotspot in windows 10 laptop as they have inbuilt wireless adapter. But in case of computers, most of them do not have inbuilt wireless adapter. Even if they have inbuilt wireless adopter or we mount it inside CPU it require some technical knowledge of command line and networking to create Wi-Fi hotspot.
Here in this post i am writing about creating Wi-Fi hotspot just in one click using mini USB wireless adapter.This simplicity need following things.
Requirements :

  1. TP-LINK Mini USB Wireless Adapter [ See Price ]
  2. Active Internet Connection In Computer

Once you have  TP-LINK Mini USB Wireless Adapter follow this steps.
Step-1: Attach and install

Windows 10 PC In To Wireless Hotspot
  1. Attach TP-LINK USB Wifi Adapter to your pc
  2. Right Click On Internet Icon
  3. Click On Mobile Hot Spot

Step-2: Configure name and password.

wifi hotspot windows 10
  1. Right Click to Change Password/ Wifi Name Etc
  2. Connect Through Your Mobile Phone
  3. Done.

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